#MondayMotivation #SoPhi | Stay Woke by @ImDesi

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Here I am bsing around with this Bitstrips app, cracking up to myself in my bed. It’s really hilarious how relatable all the little comic pics are. After scrolling through all of them for about five minutes, I stop myself. It was like I had a slight anxiety attack just from thinking about how this little app is trying to distract me from life and handling business, the important things. It’s so easy to get carried away with distractions. My higher self kicks in asks me, “What’s the highest and best use of my time?” Bitstrips ain’t it! I immediately close the app and go back to the NOW.

Now is all that matters. Now is where everything happens. What you do now is the cause and later is the affect. Stay woke, don’t be so easily distracted now. If it isn’t helping you better yourself or enhance the quality of your life, don’t let it keep you from minding your business.

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