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Technically my career as a slave began at the tender age of twelve. I tutored younger students at my school for about an hour or two a couple days out of the week and was paid a whopping $7.00 per day. Balliiiiiiinnnnnn!!!! From there I was a receptionist at my local armory after school and worked as a camp counselor in exchange for access to all programs offered at the facility. At age fourteen I obtained a worker’s permit and spent the summer as an administrative assistant at Northwestern University. I felt like such an adult working my 9-5 making $7.00 per hour instead of a week. My first permanent position was at White Castle when I was sixteen. Since then I’ve probably held about twenty jobs. And I’ve finally realized that I’m really not the job type.

In no way am I against working. I have a really strong work ethic and I know nothing will come my way without me putting in work. The idea I’m moving away from by no longer wanting a job is that my income is only directly related to the time I put in. My background conditioned me into believing that the only way I could make more money is to work longer hours. When extra shifts were offered I was always the one to offer to work them. More hours, more money I thought.

There’s actually another world out there. A world where people make millions in minutes with minimal effort. I’m not referring to anything illegal even though it falls into that category but there’s work where you can be paid for results. You can be paid for the impact and the difference you make in people’s lives. Which essentially, you’re doing while you work your job, the only issue is most incomes at jobs are capped. If I want to be wealthy, I can’t waitress forever and expect to be a multimillionaire. I must explore other options. And that is where I am in my journey, I’m searching for my path which will lead me to freedom. Freedom to me is financial independence and the ability to spend my time doing only the things I love to do. I do not want to have to work a job just to pay my bills until I croak.

This post was inspired by “How to Be A Slave”.. I’m not bad mouthing jobs, I’m simply stating that for me, it makes me feel like a slave therefore the traditional job system is not for me. I know I’m not the only one. I’ll find my way to freedom and I hope to inspire anyone else feeling similar to find their freedom too. Life is meant to be lived, not slaved away. What makes you come alive? Move toward it and I’m sure you’re freedom is somewhere along the way. If you have a minute, watch this YouTube video!

How are you finding your freedom today?

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