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So you’re not into the whole Kanye-esque leather pants fad, huh? Want to be edgy but with a bit of simplicity? Then get all the way into this fall’s latest trend.


Edgy, sexy, fearless and bold. Leather. It isn’t for the faint of hearts but it is a material you need to incorporate into your fall wardrobe. This fall the latest trend is leather accents strategically placed patches on sweaters, skirts, shirts and dresses.

Women's Clothing with Leather Accents

Ladies, you can definitely spice up your attire with a military inspired jacket with leather sleeves for a easy errand run during the day to make your outfit pop. Or if you hitting a night out on the town, grab that dress with hints of leather to give off that sex kitten look. Wearing  ripped jeans, and inspired combat boots? Throw on a sweater with leather on the pocket and elbows of the sleeves for a dangerous look to hang with your girls or a cute day date attire.

Fellas can get into this trend as well without it being over the top. A fitted blazer with leather sleeves can give a double take from the ladies when stepping out into the night. And if you really want to take it there, grab a pair of jeans with leather patches to give a taste of something different. A simple cardigan with leather on the shoulders can also be worn on a cool fall day to work and take it straight to happy hour with your boys.

Mens Clothing with Leather Accents

I am a huge fan of everything leather,  it just makes anything a bit more sexier!! Leather accents add a little bit of a surprise to otherwise mundane and boring clothing. Take it all in with moderation. So now I want to know, is this something you can get into this fall? Will you step outside the box with this trend?


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