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1. If ‘time’ itself was the worlds currency, how much of it would the people of the world spend on anger or being petty?

2. If Meek Mill ‘Dream Chasers Records’ actually consisted of Young Savage, Lee Mazin and any one of the dope up & coming pop artist in the city.. he’d have a sick team. One labels would love. I’m no A&R tho.. I’m just Bob, from Marketing.

3. KanYe might be a douche, but the urban community judge him through this lens of “You’re successful, stop bitching.” Our people will never reach their full potential if we refuse to support their dreams. He wants to do high fashion, he should be able to. Your last name shouldn’t have to be Italian for the urban community to spend a good penny to support the name. If Diddy who is very much into high fashion, made a high fashion line tomorrow. First thing that would be said is “He didn’t make that for our community, look at the price.” Meanwhile they’re getting their kid a $400 Hermes belt for Christmas. Can’t scream oppression when some of it is self inflicted or you’re doing the same thing, just on another level.

4. I want that ‘Mr & Mrs. Smith’ type love. In the beginning looked good, some rough times, you kinda want to kill each other at some point, but at the end of the day you know u can’t live without each other and willing to go through hell to save what you have. Perfect. Seeing as though my last name is Smith.. I’m almost there.

5. Never take for granted the women who are selfless.. you’ll quickly realize how optional “selflessness” is when you meet a woman that cant think beyond things that directly affect her.

6. On Twitter, can we limit shit to 1 appreciation day per day? Or change the shit to “Appreciation Hour” Yall are getting ridiculous.

7. I need to get someone pregnant soon. I’m paying too much in taxes. I need tax relief and at least I’d be in something I can reach out, touch and cultivate.

8. It’s the holiday season. A good time to stop being a deadbeat and work yourself back into ya kids life. My pops had 15 kids, a few different moms. We all know him, love him and have a good relationship with him. No excuse for you bum ass dudes. Change your ways.

9. Twitter reinvesting in itself is a good business structure. It’s a profitable company they just use the profits to reinvest and build.

10. Instead of “Black Twitter” Let’s aim to be The new Black Wall Street. There’s many businesses, many voices of influence. If people really and truly want change and want to “prosper” unify and invest in one another. Ten years from now don’t think “Philly was onto something.. if only.” Try it now. Nothing will harm your brand by desegregation and unifying with you people. It can happen. It can happen in Detroit, It can happen online. Imagine if black businesses purchased the discounted land in Detroit and invested in the community, rebuilding what is ours? Or do we sit back and “wait for help” and allow them to dictate our rations? It’s up to you.

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