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I was recently asked “Who’s next?!” By industry execs etc., as if I’m some sort of A&R. Well, I decided to put it in list form on my site and forward them the link. I needed time to think about it. I originally was going to do 10 but the smaller the list, the more exclusive. I stuck to 5. If you didn’t make the list, “Who cares?” If you did, don’t make me look bad by getting lazy, locked up or inconsistent. I pistol whip rappers for fun. Without further ado.. get familiar with artist you’ll likely see take that next BIG step in 2014.

1. @_TrevRich
Denver, Colorado

Trev Rich
Atlantic Records Songwriter & Dope lyricist signed to Joe Budden’s Mood Muzik Ent imprint, Trev Rich will soon be a much celebrated artist. I’ve broken a Lady Gaga record on this site as well as Joe Budden’s ‘Control’ response. The third biggest artist signed or not? Trev Rich. I’ve watched his post get 1000+ clicks in 10 minutes. His cult like following continues to grow as he musically continues to grow. I see his time coming very soon. Wouldn’t be a shock to me at all.

2. @ChillMoody
Philadelphia, Pa

Chill Moody
Chill Moody is Philadelphia’s top artist (unsigned) and definitely the most beloved. He owns the college circuit, business people love him and hustlers respect him. Chill has worked his ass off and deserves everything coming to him. His latest video “Change Coming” staring Freeway is the featured video on the home page as well as making its rounds on MTV Jams. I don’t want to say “I told you so” BUT I FUCKING TOLD YALL THIS SHIT LONG AGO! Better late than never! Chill MUTHAFUCKIN MOODY, BITCH!

3. @RobWhiteMIB
Brooklyn, NY

I was told if I didn’t put Push on this list, I’d be banned from Brooklyn. So, there.. That’s why. All kidding aside, Push! put together the most cohesive project I heard this year and he continues to get better. I say he’s the best new artist from Brooklyn. I’m never wrong when I say such things either. In a passing conversation with Diddy he asked “Who’s next, you know all the talent before we realize it.” I simply replied “Your next big artist might be in the same spot you found Biggie, Brooklyn.” Push is an anthem away. An anthem. Brooklyn needs an Anthem and his authentic persona and dope delivery makes him the perfect person to do his city proud.

4. @WebbzCX
Miramar, FL

When you think of consistency & Longevity in Miami’s Music scene, Webbz should come to mind. Jimmy Henchman was ahead of the curve on this one when he signed Webbz to his Czar Entertainment imprint in 2006. I became even more familiar with the picture painting mastermind in 07 and later. I at the time was working with an artist P.M. and he and Webbz exchanged lyrical jabs on wax. Fast Forward to 2013 and The Miramar emcee released my 2nd favorite project by an indie artist which features a great record co-starring Cam’ron. Only 2nd to his predecessor on this list. He’s currently at the doorstep of that major break-thru.. Fuck being humble, make your move. The door is wide open.

5. @LeeMazin
Philadelphia, Pa

Lee Mazin
Let’s not be sexist, guys. Lee Mazin might be thee hardest working female artist in America and definitely the hardest worker in Meek Mill’s Dream Chasers camp right now. After the A3C festival, I was asked who were the most impressive perfomers.. Lee Mazin, ScHoolboy Q, LEP Bogus Boys I Know Brasco and ARF Band. Female rappers have a tough time holding my attention while they’re on stage. Her stage presence is on 10, her presentation is on 10. Lyrics just as great. What’s her hold up? She’s a female in a male dominated industry where people don’t provide the same resources to women as they do men. Her current project is on a few Interscope Records desk, and an Aftermath desk. The dopest chocolate female emcee since Foxy Brown’s ‘Broken Silence’ days. I don’t put my name on the block for many artist anymore but the potential I see in her is exciting.
RIP Lil Snupe!

The OTHER’s if I had made this list longer:
Astronauts Really Fly (Band from Philly)
Isaiah Rashad (TDE Rapper)
Kirby Maurier (Singer from Miami)
Tiffany Foxx (St. Louis Rapper)

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