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1. If we can say “we redefined the term nigga.” Why can’t we say we redefined these holidays? You think you enjoying a meal and football is you celebrating Indians getting smallpox? Or is it you cherishing the one day you can rely on for family to get together, be dysfunctional, eat, sleep, talk shit and end the night with “I love You.” Stay away from your miserable political bullshit of a stance this holiday season and go hug your family. Time, unlike all other currency can’t be replaced.

2. I’m making a Sweet Potato Cheesecake for the first time this week. I’m sure I’ll ace it. I’ll attempt a Spiked Egg Nog Cheesecake as well, Keep y’all updated on how it turns out.

3. One white man worked alone and Killed John F Kennedy… Multiple agencies/people were needed to kill Martin & Malcolm. You’re telling me Presidents were easier to touch than a black man in a highly racial climate? Who the fuck you think you’re talking to?

4. Who does Justin Timberlake think he is?

5. Black Friday is the only time I shop, because it was made for black people. Now I don’t have to ask “So what’s MY price?” Best places to shop is urban clothing stores and other boutiques that aren’t big enough to have major commercials & announcements. Stroll the mall and become a winner.

6. Political climate is about to pick up. Go out and vote people. As you can see its not about the president you choose, but the people you surround him with as well. Barack Obama is playing with a team worse than any Iverson played on. Help him go out on top.

7. M&M’s Peanut + Reese’s cups = Top candies made in history.

8. Mike Tyson rebounded better than any train wreck I have witnessed in life. All praises due to Allah!

9. Floyd Mayweather will beat the breaks off Pacquiao. Lets cut it out.

10. The greatest winners in life are those who pay attention to details and what make people tic.. You’re stagnant because you’re doing the exact opposite.

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