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Good songs can change a mood, turn a day around, or in some cases inspire a movement. A really good song can stand the test of time, be applied to pretty much any setting, and eventually get that coveted title of being called a classic- if and only if, it doesn’t drive you crazy by the fifty millionth time you’ve heard it. Welp, this is that list, 15 songs from 2013 that we’re just sick of listening to.

15. Work – ASAP Ferg

Don’t get me wrong, the remix is still my shit to this day, but honestly, this is one track that usually gets skipped whenever I listen to Trap Lord. Listen to the radio for about two hours and see if you don’t hear this song or a variation of it at least five times. Yea it was cool when it first dropped like LAST YEAR but this doesn’t need to go with us into 2014.

14. Thrift Shop- Macklemore and Ryan Lewis

I’m not going to lie, I’ve probably only heard this song like two or three times all year, but in light of Macklemore’s recent win at the American Music Awards last week, I figured why not. This song was definitely a hit, no matter which market you’re in, and we all know at least one person that thinks it’s the best thing since Malaysian chicks started selling their hair on the internet.

13. Bitch Don’t Kill My Vibe- Kendrick Lamar

This is a really good song, on a really good album. It’s also another song whose lyrics get tweeted, retweeted, IG and Vine captioned along with terrible pics of some ratchets smoking a struggle blunt and taking a selfie. Stop it. Stop it all right now.

12. New Slaves- Kanye West

Forgive us Yeezus, but we don’t care. You can’t spend months promoting a song called New Slaves with lyrics condemning everyone for their insatiable obsession with materialism, and be Kanye West. Thanks to all your rants, ass backwards thinking, and randomly overpriced commodities ($100 for water? Sir.) We don’t care if you think we’re new slaves, old slaves, or just slaves to the pussy.

11. Suit and Tie- Justin Timberlake feat. Jay-Z

Look, this was my SONG! This was one of those feel good songs that makes you want to grab your bae and start two stepping away, and we were all pretty much here for it at the beginning of the year. Fast forward to the summer and we couldn’t get away from it. Family reunions, radio, in the store, everywhere! Who in the hell wants to hear about wearing a full suit and tie when it’s 90 degrees plus outside?

10. Bad- Wale feat Tiara Thomas

While the original (meaning the Tiara Thomas version) still slaps, the Twitter honey anthem of the year is officially played. Sorry ladies, no more neck rolling on the train lip syncing while wearing too much Riri Woo!

9. U.O.E.N.O- Rocko feat Rick Ross

Not going to lie, rapey lyrics aside, this is really not a bad song in my book. Catchy hook, Rocko rapping with his mouth closed, Rick Ross breathing all on the track, what more could I ask for out of a Southern rapper in 2013? But I wish people would stop stating the obvious and then throwing #UOENO behind it. (i.e. “Dominos just got here, I’m about to crush this pizza and #UOENO!” Uh yea, fat ass we do.”)

8. How Many Drinks- Miguel

This song will actually never get old in my opinion, but I’m pretty sure somebody has got to be sick of hearing it. It’s on the radio all the time. No, all the time. In the morning, during the day, during the rush hour commute, during the 7 pm countdown, and then during the late night. Dear, local market DJs and programmers, LET IT GO!

7. Levels- Meek Mill

Twitter knows how to ruin a good thing. Levels was the perfect gym song, the perfect song to play in the car, and the perfect turn up song until people started tweeted the most ignorant, basic shit they thought it was levels too. Some things (and people) really are one dimensional, no need to try and dig deeper into the something that’s not there.

6. Worst Behavior- Drake

Probably the most captioned song in Instagram history, Worst Behavior is one of those really good songs that you love to hear but hate to see other people listening to. I know it’s petty but watching teenage white chicks scream “MUF*CKAS NEVER LOVED US, WORST!” is probably top ten most bizarre things to happen in a long while.

5. 23- Miley Cyrus

Speaking of white girls gone wild, Miley Cyrus’s song 23 is by far the most annoying thing I’ve heard all year except for song #1. My heart and ears bleed every time Juicy J’s part comes on. Miley wasn’t rocking with you in the “When the Smokes Clears” era bruh!

4. Tom Ford- Jay-Z & Beyonce

Probably one of the better Jay/Bey collabos but, it’s overplayed, overrated, and I’m over it. There is literally no reason why this song gets played every five minutes on every radio station in every part of the country. I’m glad Hov deaded this whole “molly” craze tho.

 3. Started from the Bottom- Drake

Whether you loved or hated this track, it’s a damn good song for Drake. Now that NWTS has dropped, I think this was a brilliant first single for the album, but now that NWTS has dropped I probably won’t listen to it for a while, if ever.

2. Holy Grail- Jay –Z feat Justin Timberlake

I don’t care, this song has worn out its entire welcome. The Nirvana sample, the hook, the chorus, all of it can go. Sorry JT.

1.  Blurred Lines- Robin Thicke

Nothing makes the older generation feel more hip than an annoyingly catchy song with a familiar (if not identical) bass line, and if it has an accompanying line dance? Chile, please. Yes, this is officially the most irritating song of 2013.


Honorable Mentions:

Crooked Smile – J. Cole

Body Party- Ciara

Versace – Drake & Migos

Fine China- Chris Brown





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