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1. It’s not when someone share my opinion, that I deem them real. It’s when we have a disagreement of views and they stand by their values and principles that I deem them real.

2. White America Killed Malcolm X & MLK, showing us what happened when “Niggers get out of line.” Our Leaders began fearing death by bullet and stopped leading.

3. When I was a youth, I had no fear of death. No fear of anything. If I could only have kept the lack of fear and realized what I know now, sooner. I definitely missed my calling. Never too late cultivate the next generation of leaders though

4. Embrace the inevitable. Use is as a tool for you instead of one against you.

5. Some of the best music we’ve gotten from Young Jeezy was after Pimp C shitted on him. Maybe if someone shit on him again he’ll regain focus.

6. NYE in a home setting is the new wave. Fireplace going, people you like and love all in 1 place. Even if you have to rent out a mansion and create your own fun. Stay out of the clubs. That shit’s dead now. Go big, or stay home.

7. I don’t lack humility. I just don’t give a fuck about your mediocrity.

8. Don’t accept abuse or bullshit, just to say you belong to someone or something. Uplift self and attract things that will complement your greatness.

9. God Bless @Bobbylight4Real and his lady on the new addition the family and every other dope father spending this Holiday as a 1st time dad. Nice to see people take pride in what their legacy will be.

10. Happy Birthday to my mom.. A blessing to this Earth and to me. 50 years look good on you boo! LOL

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