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Stephen Colbert has jokingly come to Fox News host Megyn Kelly’s defense, agreeing that not only is Santa Claus white, but Jesus was, too.

Kelly has been mocked for telling “all you kids watching” her Fox News show that Santa Claus is white, in response to a Slate piece arguing that Santa need not be an old white man. She also made the clumsy case that Jesus is white, too.

“Jesus was a white man too, but it’s like… He was a historical figure and that’s a verifiable fact, as is Santa,” she said.

Colbert said on Thursday’s “Colbert Report” that he couldn’t agree more. Watch the video.

“Just look at any photo of Jesus. He was just your average, Aramaic speaking, first century, Middle Eastern white guy,” he said. “The only evidence I need are the sacred Dockers of Turin.”

Colbert said there were practical reasons there coudn’t be a black Santa.

“If a homeowner in Florida sees a black man coming down their chimney, he is going to get shot: ‘Officer, I was just defending my milk and cookies,'” he said.

Besides, he asked, how could Santa change his race? “Santa can’t just change colors. It’s not like he’s magic or anything,” Colbert noted.

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