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I decided that since the year is coming to a close, we should acknowledge the most fashionable celebs or media icons in the industry for their endless craft of always looking the best. So here are my pics for male and female best dressed for 2013.


1. Rihanna


Rihanna over the years have come into her own sense of style and fashion with her rebellious look to match her new sound in music. Rihanna kicked off the fashion epidemic of gothic chic with her signature vampish nails and tattoos proving that you can be as bad as you want to be and still look sexy doing it. Her clothing line ” River Island”, which she launched this year, also reflects her personal style and emulates her image to which she shares with fans. Definitely my fave and best dressed for 2013.

2. Rita Ora


Rita Ora stepped on the scene in the US as the next big thing after she was signed with Roc Nation and immediately social media fell in love with her. As far as her style, Rita tends to do her own thing. From a 1950’s pin up looks to edgy and daring, Rita seems to be more discussed for her impeccable fashion sense more than her music (which isn’t at all bad). From exploring her fashion style, I can say for certain Rita Ora brought her UK trend to the US and took OFF!!

3. Kim Kardashian

Kim k


There is not much to be said about Kim Kardashian’s sense of style. Rarely have we seen the soon to be Mrs. Kardashian-West look out and about with a hair out of place or a shoe that doesn’t match. She has a style that is classic, simple and clean. For a woman as curvy as Kim, it is best to keep your look simple since we tend to have, uh hum, other physical distractions, if you know what I mean. Others may try to pull of the looks Kim produce but rarely do they come out on top. Kim Kardashian is and forever will be one of the best dressed.




1. Justin Timberlake



Mr. 20/20 aka Mr. SexyBack has been considered one of the best dressed men for 2013. With his recent album “The 20/20 Experience” producing almost 1 million copies its first week, we can honestly say that he is doing more than well for himself. Justin Timberlake sense of style has been both rustic and classic. As a man should dress. Simple stone washed jeans, a pair of good boots and a good sweater is all he needs. His humble style downplays the tremendous talent he posses.

2. Lebron James


Now I have not ever known any NBA players with good fashion sense, but I can honestly say that Lebron James does a pretty good job. Unlike some of his team mates (you know who they are) who seem to take their looks overboard, Lebron has kept his style in tack and sensible. More much to his clothing picks other than his usual Miami Heat attire.

3. Jay Z


MY last pic for Male Best Dressed is certainly Mr. New York himself, Jay Z. Jay has always been in transition with his fashion over the years and I think he has finally got down pack what a 40 year old successful rapper should look like. From Timberland boots to Christian Louboutin patent leather dress shoes, there isn’t anything he doesn’t look good in. Jay makes sure the way he dresses fits his age and his body type. Nothing too tight, and nothing too baggy. Take note fellahs, this is how you are SUPPOSED to look!

Those were my picks for this year. Hopefully next year there will be a new budding generation of Fashionistos and Fashionistas debuting.

Who are your picks for best dressed 2013? ┬áTell me what you think in the comments below….

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