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Once upon a time, I didn’t know who I was or who I wanted to be so I began searching for clues to guide me. I didn’t know exactly where to start. I have knowledge of only one blood relative on this earth. I have no idea what the blood that runs through my veins experienced before it got to me. Because I couldn’t search my family history, I looked at my name.I believe everything happens for a reason; the names we’re given, the conditions we’re born into, they all help to shape us into who we’re supposed to be. Desiree stems from the word desire and my middle name, Monique, means counselor. Desired Counselor, I think it fits me quite well.

I researched the Desiree’s in history. I only found two that really stuck out; Napoleon’s mistress and the one Neil Diamond wrote about having a one night stand with. Did this mean I was destined to be a mistress or a one night stander too? This is what ran through my mind initially, because we all know history repeats itself. That isn’t the reality I wanted for myself.

Desire is the manifestation of power. I won’t ever forget reading “Think and Grow Rich: A Black Choice” and finding those words. I felt so empowered and inspired. Dennis Kimbro was right, if you have the desire to do something, it’s an indication that it’s possible. Wanting is a hint at the possibility of acquiring. I filed that away and decided I would accept that as a mantra.

I used to really dislike being called Desi because I’m not Desi Arnez. Until I decided Desi stood for Don’t Ever Say Impossible.

We’re all scientists and life is our experiment. Our mission, our ultimate belief and attitude about life is our hypothesis. Our choices, the variables we control determine our conclusions. It’s beautiful how in any moment we can choose whatever we want to be or do, regardless of what we did yesterday. In choosing the ¬†life we want to create and then taking the necessary actions toward it, we build confidence. It’s important to know that each one of us is powerful. Powerful enough to really thrive at life. Somewhere along the way, we tend to forget our power and only remember it if we take heed to the things life throws at us in order to help us move toward being as great as we are destined to be. Knowledge of self is the key to being who you were meant to be. Know that you are a conqueror and that any situation you find yourself in is meant to help you grow and once you get in touch with your power, no circumstance is bigger than you. We are all finding our way through life and in the words of Lauryn Hill,¬†“How you gon win when you ain’t right within?”

Enjoy your Monday and forgive my hiatus. I’m on a mission to be who I was meant to be. No matter how I get distracted, it’s clear that writing is a part of the plan. Today I just want to be the best me.Thank you for reading.

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