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“Every woman is a ‘hoe’ at some point in their life. Yes, even my mama was probably one as unfortunate as that is to have to say.

– Haz






Hi, I’m Haz. It’s been a while since I decided to bless you peasants with my presence but unfortunately for you I had shit to do. Many of you may remember me from some of my previous work such as “The Facts About The Hoe Phase”“Is Today’s Woman Yesterday’s Hoe”“Hot Dogs vs. Hamburgers”“The Stretch Effect”“Good Girl Gone Bad”“The Bad Bitch vs. The Homely Hoe” and “Keep Your Coochie I’ll Have Your Heart”. Pretty much all of the stuff that every woman knows but HATES to hear. Let me begin this by saying that I LOVE women, even the shit that I hate about them. To the ignorant or untrained eye it may seem as if Haz is bitter towards women the way he  refers to them as hoes all of the time but it’s actually the complete opposite. I’ve never been “done dirty” or had my heartbroken by a woman. In fact all of my previous relationships were healthy and ended on cordial terms believe it or not. I don’t date hoodrats or women with low self esteem and all of my ex’s but 1 have degrees and are professional women. I spent the majority of 2011 and 2012 going hard on women in an attempt to help save them from themselves. I understand the importance of the role women play in society and even tho my approach may not be the best my intentions are pure. I’ve helped a few but unfortunately just served as entertainment for most. Now I don’t have all of the answers but I do have most of them.  The problem is, these hoes out here sucking so much dick they can’t help but be hard headed.












Now I know what most of you are probably thinking. “How can I take anything serious from a man that’s willing to call his own mother a hoe?”  My response to that is simple. DON’T. I have absolutely nothing to gain by you listening to me so its really no sweat off my sack. I’ll still have my dream job and my dream girl waiting on me when I close this computer so take whatever you want from these words. Also, I only throw the words bitch and hoe in these for the bitches and hoes. You see I make sure to leave pertinent and valuable information in every blog I write for the real women that can recognize it. I also make sure to piss off as many hoes as I can in the process to separate them from those women, so if you’ve ever found yourself offended while or after reading one of my blogs then guess which category you fall in?

Most people fail to understand why I find it so important to separate the two in my blogs but I’ll have to explain that another time. Now my Queen has read all of my blogs and been a fan of my work since before we met. I can’t even understand it myself. The only legitimate explanation I can come up with to make sense as to why she would chose a nigga like me after knowing how my brain works is that she truly accepts me for me. She may not always understand or agree, but she’s not supposed to.  I’ll get back to that a little later but for now let me explain why “All These Hoes is Hoes.”





Now in my previous blogs “The Facts About The Hoe Phase” and “Good Girl Gone Bad” I touched on the difference between Hoe Activity and Hoe Mentality as it pertains to the definition of a hoe. I explained how every woman will be labeled a hoe at one point in their life based off of their actions but the thing that separates a woman from being called a hoe and truly being a whore to the core is whether or not she possesses a Hoe Mentality.  Hoe Activity doesn’t always necessarily lead to a Hoe Mentality but a Hoe Mentality can’t help but lead to Hoe Activity. Many women couldn’t seem to wrap their heads around this logic or just chose to be intellectually dishonest and refused to accept it. Either way exposing that theory to the world helped me realize that women have a bigger problem being called hoes than they do with actually being hoes. Perception really is stronger than reality. It’s as if a woman’s reputation holds more value than her virtue. Hoes will pass pussy pics around to an entire crew of friends then try to criticize their manhood if one of them were to expose her to the world. Anybody else see a problem here? Sure you will have your typical twitter niggas jumping to their rescue  saying only faggots and fuck niggas leak pictures but trust me they’re only doing it to secure future pics for themselves. Niggas will say whatever it takes to make sure hoes are comfortable enough to continue being hoes. They can care less about you getting exposed, as long as you don’t learn from your mistakes and keep the flicks coming. Also whats the number one thing that all hoes expect the niggas they deal with to practice that they conveniently ignore themselves? Discretion. That’s because a hoe’s reputation as a woman is everything. Now I agree it’s wrong for any man to betray a woman’s trust and expose her nudes or any personal information but that is not to be abused to provide a haven for hoes. Women need to learn to be accountable for their actions for once in history and accept the fact that if the hoe heels fit they need to wear the shits.





This brings me to my second and final point. The inspiration for this blog stemmed from a conversation me and PhillyTheBoss had on Twitter. Philly has been fighting with me since the beginning of time to separate the women from the hoes when I refer to all women as hoes in general.  Philly tried to back me in a corner and asked if my lady was included when I said ALL women are hoes as if I wasn’t a real nigga and was gonna switch shit to make it fit and say every woman on earth is a hoe BUT the one I’m with. Now unlike most men Haz isn’t foolish enough to sell himself a bag of bullshit. You see most men want to believe that the girl of their dreams is and always was this innocent angel that could do no wrong and it’s every other woman that does the filthy things they’ve heard and experienced  women to be capable of doing in life.  My situation isn’t built off of such lies and willful ignorance. Me personally I’d much rather I know what kind of hoe shit my lady did during her hoe phase days and chose to accept her wholeheartedly instead of closing my eyes and pretending like it never happened. That’s the approach most people mistakingly take. We have a bunch of grown men and women ignoring each others sexual history and acting like everything that happened before they met doesn’t exist or just magically gets erased. Sorry Draya, that aint how it work, hoe. 

I’m not saying you have to sit down and tell each other about every sexual experience you have had, but if your woman can’t tell you about the worst shit she has done and you continue to see her as your queen after, then your entire relationship is built on a facade. Stop walking around with preconceived ideas about who you are dating and get to know the real person. Only then can you truly make an informed decision and accept the person you are with and that’s where true unconditional love can be found. Remember what I said earlier about my lady accepting me for me instead of who she thinks I am or wants me to be? It’s not her job to understand or even agree with everything about me but in order for it to work she MUST accept everything about me. Majority of the people reading this have never and will never experience a relationship like that. They lie to each other in the begining and paint the perfect image they would like their partner to believe they are. Then they spend the rest of their time interfacing with an idea instead of the real person and wonder why shit goes bad everytime. I’m not saying that my situiation is destined to end happily ever after because we are far from perfect but I can say that  my lady and I have had many uncomfortable conversations and it has only made our bond stronger in the end. Now my lady is far from a hoe but she has done some hoe shit in her day as every woman has, it’s just the way the game goes. I’ve had discussions with her about her hoe phase just like I’ve had discussions with my mother about hers. Imagine how uncomfortable that conversation was lol. No judgement is necessary however because neither one has ever had a Hoe Mentality therefore neither one is truly a HOE, but they both have done some shit worthy of the label at some point in time.

If you can’t swallow your pride as a man and accept that then you are better off just being single for the rest of your life. You have to accept that some nigga probably made your queen squirt before you or got her to buss it open in the backseat of her mama’s Benz. Just be happy you wasn’t the baby your mother swallowed or aborted cause believe me that bitch probably has done both. Stop telling yourself that it doesn’t matter if it happened before you so why talk about it because if it truly didn’t matter you would be able to discuss it and accept it for what it was. If you have a problem accepting her at her worst, well you know how that silly ass saying goes.

So, to end this shit every woman is not a hoe. Every woman has and will do some hoe shit however so using the word in a general sense is still justified in my opinion. Women just need to focus on not being a hoe as much as they focus on not wanting to be called one. I would never call my Mom or future wife a hoe, but I will say they have both done some hoe shit once upon a time to their faces. Your actions don’t define you unless you allow them to. So while you guys are scratching your heads trying to make sense of what you just read just know that me and mines is fine. She’s finishing up her second Masters degree and reading my ain’t shit tweets laughing at you hoes in the meantime. As always, I’m just a regular nigga with an opinion on my way to a 6 figure salary. Feel free to Follow

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