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1. Super Bowl Prediction: Denver Broncos 35 – Seattle Seahawks 33

2. God Bless the people who work hard to bless themselves.

3. Being a huge Obama supporter, realistically reflecting on his tenure so far his biggest flaw is his naivete. I don’t think he lied like every other politician, I think he expected some shit he shouldn’t have. Which in turn made Republicans very accurate in their early predictions. He wasn’t ready for what comes with being president. Republicans damn near ate him alive for the last few years. If he loses the Senate we won’t see anything else get done.

4. The revolution people been referring to might just be you motherfuckers actually paying attn to primaries and voting in mid-term elections. Put ya blunt down. Your vote does count if you vote local as well as national. ONE has to complement the other.

5. Sometimes in order to reach your full potential you have to change the players on your team.

6. Income tax season is upon you. Take the time & consider investing in yourself as opposed to investing in someone else’s brands & labels with no residual to be seen for self.

7. I can teach you how to fish, I refuse to catch, scale and cook it for you.

8. When you don’t let people in, they create a theory based in doubt. Instead of seeing the large picture they look for the flaws in it to justify that doubt. All of which is of no concern to you. Keep winning & Let them continue watching.

9. People always spew this “White man is the oppressor” shit. Yet they waste no time oppressing their own. The realest person I met in the last few years was a white man who read half my book and got me a publishing situation with Amazon. Does it negate everything his ancestors and people of his race continuously do? No. But I won’t do to them what some of them have done to us and vilify a whole race. In order to progress, in order to succeed, integration is a necessity. How you invest after you integrate determines the future for our own.

10. Someone asked where did I get the Idea for this segment from.. It comes from being a kid, reading a popular hip hop magazine and seeing the random thoughts of a person about the culture. I actually used to look forward to them. So I decided “Why Not?” Basically.

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