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Often times we revert to the stereotypical gifts.. Flowers, chocolates or a card & maybe dinner and say “Happy Valentines Day” When nothing is special about that. As you can see playboy, when you go to set those reservation everything is booked up. You’re giving her something every man is willing to give her and giving every other woman. You’re basically cattle. Nothing is romantic about over crowded restaurants, get a table instead of a booth because nothing else is available. Sometimes you have to think outside of the box in order to get the best results FROM the “box”..

Ladies, be sure to check out the contest below…

1. Spa Time
Women getting a massage
Spa Day will always be the go to because everyone woman loves a good pampering and some stress relief. Few things say “I care about your stressful days at work” more than a hot stone massage or some deep tissue therapy. If she’s in between pedicures, throw one of those in there and you the man. Oddly enough many women have never been sent to the spa before by their significant other. As in he picks out the therapies, products and time and just tell her to show up. Be THAT guy for her this Valentines Day (Or Before/After.. people have to work so this can be a gift u give post V-Day)

2. A Life Size Teddy Bear
Teddy Bear
Many women are still little girls at heart and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. That plush cute comfy teddy bear she can hold and think of you until you come home means more to her than you know. Chicks dig Teddy Bears, bro. Head over to our good friends at & Pick up Henry The Bear, or one of the other cute plush guys they have.

3. A Picnic & Helicopter Ride
Helicopter Tour
With full disclosure, I’d probably never do this. I have a tremendous fear of heights. Even though I fly on a plane weekly at this point, I have anxiety each time I board. What better way to expose the woman you love to something different, than chartering a helicopter flight to get a unique and different perspective of the city & all its glory? With a few extra bucks and a talk, you can get the pilot to land in an open field allow you two to enjoy wine or champagne and a light meal. This idea takes a little more planning, but that’s a part of the gift. Quality women recognize the thought put into the actual gift as much as they appreciate the gift.

4. A Handwritten Love Letter (Mailed)
If you’re going to indulge in the most commercialized Holiday in the history of holiday’s. Understand the actual concept; Expressing the love you have for someone. Flowers at her job is cool. Flowers to her home is cool. However, taking sometime to unplug from everything in life to solely focus on the love and appreciation you have for her is priceless. Even if you live together, take it to the post office & mail it. Again, effort & thoughtfulness > Money.

5. Invest In Her Hobbies
There’s something you lady enjoys that you may not have been paying attention to or have but it’s just her “thing”. So you don’t really bother with it. WELL, again this is one of those moments you can capitalize, get her materials she’s short on OR if she hasn’t had a chance to start, do a little research and get her what she needs to get going.

If All else fails, visit our good friends at:

Ladies… Leave a comment below of gift ideas or gifts you’re getting him. Best Idea gets a gift from sent to you. Winner will be chosen on Feb 13th.

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2 Responses to Lifestyle | 5 Valentines Day Gift Ideas FOR HER That Doesn’t Include Flowers – By: @PhillyTheBoss | #SoPhi

  1. Ayla says:

    We’re going to a spa. I’m surprising him with Swedish couple’s massages. He’s always complaining of back problems because of work. I have the same issue and we can enjoy this together.

  2. Jazmine says:

    I think my best year was the year I bought a gift box and filled it with a pair of David Donahue cuff links, a nice silk tie, a personalized flask and card that said we had reservations that night at the local steakhouse.

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