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Combine a supercar costing more than a million bucks, and military-grade levels of engineering, and the crystal clear end result is a windshield that stays clean, no matter what you throw at it.

That’s right; the same tech that keeps a fighter-jet’s cockpit clear at supersonic speed is coming soon to the world of exotic cars.

The $1.5 million McLaren P1 is already one of the world’s most outrageous automobiles, thanks to its sky-high price and performance.

Powered by a 903-horsepower hybrid gas-electric engine, the P1 streaks its way past 200 mph faster than normal cars hit the speed limit on the highway

At this type of velocity, you definitely want to have a good view of the road.

This explains why McLaren’s chief designer, Frank Stephenson, recently hinted that the British sports car company was developing a cutting-edge system using sound waves to keep the P1’s windshield clear of debris, reports The Sunday Times.

An invisible barrier is directed around the windshield to keep it clear. This fancy new feature isn’t strictly directed at brushing aside raindrops, however.

The system will keep bugs and, potentially, even bird poo off the screen too – so long as the car is moving.

Sorry, once you park, the P1 is once again fair game to feathered friends.


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