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A lot of things have been really bothering me lately and the mere fact I haven’t had a chance to formally address it, is the problem.

I mean if you don’t acknowledge a problem, you can’t form a solution right?

Well here goes.

Today in society, we have many problems. I just stated the obvious but bear with me on this one. We have many problems that we don’t acknowledge that, they are problems. Yet, most are confident that they don’t have any problems. So they feel that they are the best to disperse out advice. Advice on things that they never see as problems because their lives are quite fine. They are popular, they are flawless to the public eye and in most eyes, they cannot do no wrong.

Yet I’m writing this, because this is the problem.

No one is really digging deep. They just work from the surface and that’s cool, but seriously can we acknowledge the problems? Working from the surface is a problem as well, but we won’t get into that until another post.

We put diagnosis on things, but we never really have solutions to the diagnosis.

People have a PhD in social networking and calling out the issues of others but will not acknowledge their own problems, And that’s the ultimate problem.

Imagine a world where people confronted their problems and actually worked to find solutions?! I’m talking about an imaginative world, but if we actually took this to a real-life, real-time platform…. do you understand how much strides we would actually make as a people, as a community and as a human race?

Yet this will never happen because people will never acknowledge that this in itself is a problem that can be fixed.

So until we state that there is a problem, we will continuously live in denial.

And there will always be a problem.

The problem.

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