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1. After spending a month at my mom’s and nursing her back to health due to 2 knee replacement surgeries, I’ve really learned the meaning of time management. Even taking her to physical therapy, right across the street was a cemetery. Seeing all the flowers lined up and the head stones from afar was a in your face reminder: “This ALL ends one day.” And likely with no warning. Take advantage.

2. The capital you need to start a business is already at your disposal, your mind.

3. This was the most “entertaining” Black History Month put on by black folks I’ve seen in my entire life. ESPECIALLY on Twitter.

4. Being “rich” isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. You find more joy in having successful projects. Not a miniscule formality. Money doesn’t enhance or create success. Success creates wealth.

5. Never use incentives as motivation. Self Motivators will see the incentives once they execute.

6. I watched someone sit on TV and take credit for an idea I created and gave them. I smiled when the interviewer called it “genius”..

7. It will start to warm up soon and your kids probably have cabin fever. Take some time out for them. Give them activities and things to do. Cultivate the strengths you see within your child. Teach them how to tap into parts of their imagination they have yet to explore. Your child is your legacy. Create a great & everlasting one.

8. Lebron and Kobe would BULLY Scottie and MJ, for the record.

9. That one thing you want to achieve this year, make the effort take a step towards it every day.

10. Fake friends become close enemies. Both of which make great chess pieces. Keep ya head in the game and stay a couple moves ahead.


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