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Like the old men we are (30-32) My friends and I was sitting back on South Beach, tossing back a few frozen drinks talking about our teenage years. And it hit me: Post a blog with the spotlight on a few must have fashion items and see how it stacks up with the 18-25 crowd now. Quite frankly I think the skinny jean, man purse wave isn’t it. BUT who am I? I might just be an old dude with no clue. Doubt it, but whatever. Anyway, youngsters… Peep the must have items of the 90’s.

1. Coogi Sweater:
It might be safe to say: Kids in the hood wasn’t fans of Sweaters until the 90’s when the Coogi became available and Hip Hop culture popularizing it. Many couldn’t afford one but those of us that could looked and felt like Gods (According to Us).

2. The Coogi Dress:
Coogi Dress
I wasn’t to big on Coogi dresses on women. HOWEVER, if she had a fat butt, my dislike was voided. It’s something about the way the Coogi dress used to caress the cheeks that make it A.OK.

3. Jordan “Bred 11’s”
The most popular Jordan sneaker would ALWAYS pop back up on the streets around tax time. Everyone and their mom had them. Like a lil army of red soles. I can’t even knock it. I haven’t had a pair for a couple years now but when I finally find them, I will get me about 2-3 pairs.

4. Bamboo Earrings
This is the official “Go To” accessory for the puddins of the 90’s. I’m still a big fan of these myself. They should NEVER go out of style.

5. Timberlands
No explanation Needed. These are timeless.

6. Sergio Tacchini Windbreaker
This was a 1990’s misfire. Kinda how you new guys wear skinny jeans & blouses. I can’t explain this. I never had one, but yeah.. this definitely made it’s rounds in the hood.

7. Versace Shades
Vintage Versace Shades
I’ve probably had about 10 pairs of these. I think I want to give Biggie credit for making these hot in the hood, I’m not even sure. My dad got me my first pair, I lost em and bought another pair so he wouldn’t be pissed. I need to get a new pair for this upcoming summer.

8. Air Max ’95
The running sneaker of all running sneakers. The “Dope Boy classic.” I never knew anyone who hustled, that didn’t have these. These seeming were a part of the starter kit to trapping. Even those who were innocent had a pair. If there was any sneaker as popular in the hood as the Bred 11’s these sneakers had to be it.

9. First Down Coat
First Down
First there was Triple Fat Goose and then came this. This coat was kind of a God send. Many stash pockets in different parts of the lining and yes, it was VERY warm and comfy.

There you have it.. The many hit’s and 1 miss of the 90’s but hey, who are you to judge in your skinny jeans, kilts & glow in the dark sneakers?!

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