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My first foray into Atlanta’s Sushi options was a placed called ‘RA’.. which was quite mediocre. You can read that review HERE

This review, Is all about strip. I was thoroughly impressed. Grades:
Ambiance: A
Atmosphere: A+
Service: A+
Price: $$$
Food: A
Upon entering I noticed how well this place was laid out. The first thing that came to my veteran of South Beach mental: “This would be a great place to have an event. I wonder If..” My lovely waiter (who was awesome by the way, but she was cool chick with a mohawk) advised me that they do. Promptly seated our order was promptly taken by the pleasant and up beat lady. I immediately thought, The only way this experience is ruined is if the food is trash.

Let’s preface this by stating the obvious for many of my following. I cook well so, I’m an extreme critic of food I purchase from “professionals.” I started off with the Calamari. I’m not sure how so many places screw it up, but Strip didn’t. They were perfectly cooked as well as seasoned. They were not rubbery, it was more of a buttery soft, yet flaky crisp-ety crunchy piece of heaven in your mouth. I normally never finish Calamari I order because they’re usually over cooked/ruined.

Next up, was my sushi:
Strip ATL Sushi

The presentation could have used a little work, but I’m not a judge on Chopped. The sushi roll above is known as the Langosta roll. Its: fried lobster tail, avocado, spicy mayo, mango, cucumber, red tobiko, teriyaki. To be quite honest, I could eat this all day. It was well balanced, well put together, the sushi was fresh and the red tobiko (caviar) was a great touch. Unlike the aforementioned sushi restaurant, my sushi wasn’t poorly rolled.

The 2nd roll is the Spider Roll. It wasn’t the best soft crab I’ve ever had but it was above average. If you’ve never had the Spider Roll, Its: fried soft shell crab, cucumber, radish, asparagus. The soft roll with the crunchy fried soft crab + Asparagus is always a winner in my book. The only thing I would change is developing the flavor just a little more. The Langosta is was perfection. This one, was solid.

If you’re in the Atlantic Station Area and have a taste for Sushi, with a great experience and ambiance STRIP won’t let you down. Next time I’m there, I’ll try the steaks. I heard those are awesome.

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