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1. If you’re not a politician, refrain from the debates to sway public opinion. You’re not going to be liked by everyone, and people you didn’t even realize exists, hates you already. Accept it. Focus on ya circle and winning. Especially on twitter. You’ll look like an idiot disputing every regurgitated rumor or falsehood.

2. The Twitter Brackets ended today and as usual we had the normal group of imbeciles who says: “Lame”, “Wtf Is that shit?” etc. Let me tell you whats lame. A. Sitting on twitter waiting for the next piece of juicy gossip about famous millionaires to hit the timeline so you can judge them from you cubicle while making cold calls. B. Waiting and retweeting any little piece of drama you can get your hands on. C. Jumping in my mentions when I could easily give you a middle class income and live my life as I do now without interruption… I could go on and on BUT I’m sure you get the point. The Brackets are fun, your “tea” and “shade” is…???

3. I seen a Taco Bell commercial filled with Ronald McDonald’s and ALL I could think was: “This is a failure of EPIC proportions. I could go for a McFlurry right now.” Fire Everyone, Taco Bell. Everyone.

4. We stopped being stans of BITCOIN yet? Or y’all want to learn the hard way. A la Enron, WorldComm etc and the many things that look great on paper instead of actually backed by a solid foundation?

5. Lack Of Communication can ruin relationships and/or friendships. Never be too egotistical to reach out and smooth over things with those you genuinely care about.

6. Learn to decipher between when a person is playing devil’s advocate and it’s their own opinion. You may dislike someone for something they don’t believe in but in the sake of good old fashion conversation they may explore the entirety of your beliefs. It’s ok to test someones beliefs.

7. I’m a Dog owner. You ever think “When I call a man a dog or a woman a Bitch, I could be offending mans best friend?” I personally don’t think it’s fair to make a Dogs the symbol of negativity.

8. DeSean, stay away from Interviews, just play football.

That’s all for today. Stay positive and keep winning.

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