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Just in time for PBR and indie festival season, Cool Kids alum Chuck Inglish dropped his debut album, Convertibles earlier this week. The backpack rapper is heavily known for his production skills, having crafted beats for Maroon 5, Rick Ross, Mac Miller and more. Convertibles, co-produced by Inglish and Mike Einziger of Incubus, is an experiment in minimalism, nostalgia, and independence.

The thirteen track project is supposed to be a solo debut, but the heavy feature list conjures “Chuck Inglish and Friends” more than anything else. Not to worry, if your friends include the likes of Action Bronson, Chance the Rapper, Chromeo, Ab-Soul, and Polyester the Saint then you’re doing something right. The Cool Kids were known for mixing different stylistic elements together in one project; a trend Convertibles does not depart from. While this has always caused some issues for the group in terms of cohesiveness and song chemistry, Convertibles nearly accomplishes this feat save for a few out of place seeming tracks.

Songs like “Came Thru (Easily)”, “Legs”, “Swervin”, and “Elevators” are fun, up-beat tunes to get you going before the album settles into a more suave, retro feel on tracks like “Money Clip”, “Gametime”, “Prism”, and “H.M.U”. Imagine 90s era East Coast, West Coast hip-hop all on one thirteen track album; it sounds awesome, but you’re not quite sure how you feel about it. That’s the entire summation of Convertibles: an album that sounds awesome, but leaves you unsure of its replay value.

Not much else can truly be said about Chuck Inglish; he really is dope, but perhaps his fame as a producer and tendency for working with artists who are undoubtedly more lyrical and prevalent stifle his value as an emcee. While we can’t quite put our finger on it, something tells us Convertibles will fall flat before the summer is over; but it can stay in the rotation until then.

Best Tracks: Came Thru (Easily), Swervin, Glam, Attitude

Grade: C-

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