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“Fashions fades, style is eternal.” – Yves Saint Laurent

By now we should all know that style is quite personal. When it comes to street style, the personality factor is huge! It is a combination of what’s comfortable to you and a bit of extra swag. I often hear the question asked ‘what is street style?’ The answer is simple – anything.
Street Style (or some may refer to it as Street Fashion) is the expressive way of telling your story. It uses pieces from different eras or cultures to express individual style and personality. Now, in order to properly understand the concept of Street Fashion , you have to know the sub-cultures that shapes it.
Yours truly put together some examples of Street Style. Let’s check them out shall we?


The ‘punk’ subculture basically involves ripped clothing, mohican hairstyles, safety pins, provocative jewelry or t-shirt slogans and everything soft goth related. It ranges from deigns by Patricia Fields to music bands. Depending on how you put it together you can rock goth anywhere from a business meeting to a formal event. Celebs such as Miley Cyrus, Vita Von Tease, and Katy Perry have all channeled their inner punk chick.

Punk Look 1

Punk Look 2

Punk Look 3

Preppy Fashion

For this subculture, think of the hit CW show Gossip Girl. This fashion involves a lot of sweaters, button down shirts, Oxford shirts, kilt schoolgirl skirts and boat shoes. Basically anything that incorporates clothes that are school themed can be classified as preppy. Preppy fashion has been with us for decades. Celebs such as Justin Timberlake to Kourtney Kardashian can be seen pulling off this look to a tee!

Preppy Fashion


This is also known as urban fashion and is by far the most popular all over the world. They include wearing sneakers, ultra baggy jeans, denim jackets, hoodies and hats. Celebrities like Rita Ora and Rihanna are known to rock both the old and new versions of this fashion and have created a following amongst their fans.

Hip Hop Fashion 1

Hip Hop Fashion 2

African Chic

This has not been verified as a subculture, but it’s very present in the street style culture. Solange Knowles owns this look however everyone has a bit of African chic in them. It usually involves natural hair hairstyles, African inspired accessories and clothing in local materials like the ankara and kente.

African Chic Fashion 1

African Chic Fashion 2

African Chic Fashion 3

Everyone has a street style and the only way to own yours, is to express your personality through your clothes. You can choose to be more toned down and relaxed with your style but the end result should be an extension of your fabulous self. You could mix the yellow  dress you bought two summers ago, the okrika jacket you just couldn’t say no to and your mother’s 1970′s boots. You’re allowed to be as abstract as possible because you aren’t dressing to conform, you’re dressing to stand out. So own it. The tools of fashion have been made available, all that’s left is what you build with it.

Do you have a street style? Share with me what you love to wear that truly defines you. xoxo

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