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Welcome back loyal readers and newcomers. It’s your boy @MrMikejay sitting down with you again to capture some of your downtime while you twiddle your thumbs at work . I was able to grab these ladies and place them on the question couch… Just sit back and marvel at the answers @TutiDaBoss, @SierraStorey & @Shines4Real gave me in our intimate interview. I’m gonna get right into the questions, give you my short analysis and continue you on… Enjoy.

First I wanna thank you ladies for giving a brotha like myself the time to roam freely in your mind…

TutiDaBoss: Mike, please don’t try to soften me up before you ask these intrusive questions. I’m well aware of what you’re trying to do here. *Crosses legs*

Shines4Real: Thank you Tuti. Mike swears he’s a love doctor. *Rolls eyes*.

SierraStorey: *Smiles*

*Clears throat* Well, let me get right to the good stuff then.

1) Do you still have any of your ex’s stuff lying in your house?

Tuti: Nope, I don’t even let guys leave a toothbrush over.

Shines: Basketball shorts but I think it’s about time to get rid of those too.

Sierra: Absolutely not, even when we’re together what you bring, you take back home with you.  If you’re not paying ALL my bills your stuff can’t be at my house PERIOD!

2)  If you happen to bump into your ex at a public place on a date, what would your reaction be?

Tuti: I’d feel a little awkward but I’d hold my head high and greet them. I might just smile at him and not say something but I’ll acknowledge him.

Shines: I play cool, ignore him and pray he doesn’t do or say anything crazy.

Sierra: I wouldn’t react.  As soon as I see him I would act like I didnt see him & continue with what I was doing. If he says hi, I’ll speak and keep it moving.  In rare cases we’ll make eye contact & he’ll send me a text later saying “Hey nice seeing you today..etc”  My attitude on my ex’s is that we’re all on good terms & I’m happy that you moved on, because I have.

Hmmm… So far you ladies have kept things pretty classy. I’m worried about Shines ex. I wanna ask her on a scale of zero to Chris Brown how crazy is he? Let us move on.

3) Whenever a man flirts with you, what’s your first thought?

Tuti: If he’s attractive I might watch him and get a sense of who he is, if he’s ugly I kindly say thanks & keep moving, if he’s ok looking with great conversation I might talk to him or give him my number but never be available lol…

Shines: I flirt back. If he’s ugly and goes too far, I ignore him.

Sierra: I start thinking of a lot.  Depends on where we are.  If you flirt with me in a day setting (store, restaurant, etc) I might actually flirt back.  If it is in a nightclub setting all kinds of thoughts go thru my mind.  Like if a guy is flirting with me at the end of the night, I feel like you didnt find what you were looking for tonight &  I’m your last resort.  I check out who you’re with, how you move, what you have on and if your flashy (jewelry, label whore, etc), then I’ll decide if I want to flirt back.  If you’re flashy I’ll give you a smile and walk away.

4) After sex for the first time with someone, do you expect to be overwhelmed with attention from them the next day, or do you expect  the cliché “guys never call the next day” to happen?

Tuti: I dont expect anything anymore because guys are funny. I know myself well enough that the sex was the shit, so if you DONT contact me, I’ll assume u play games and are intentionally not calling me; & if you do call or text It’s cool, thats some real shit but if you suddenly hit me everyday…then ur sprung & I could possibly lose interest a little.

Shines: I expect him to be on my shit of course. I didn’t know that “guys never call the next day” was a cliche; actually it’s not. But if you’re asking what guys should do, then they should just play cool. We can talk about it later on in the relationship.

Sierra: If Im dealing with a REAL MAN then I expect a call,  If I’m dealing with a youngin then I don’t expect a call & I won’t call either.  Sometimes they might hit me up a week later like “damn its like that you aint gon call?” ME: “Ummm NO! For what?”   I am like a man when it comes to sex. Sex doesn’t bring about emotions, its just something to do.  In many cases that might be just what I wanted and if it was wack then YOU REALLY wouldn’t hear from me!

Well… So far it’s obvious that these ladies don’t lack any confidence in the sex arena. I’d love to talk their most recent. And it’s obvious Tuti & Shines self appointed themselves as sexual demons. Let’s continue… 

5) The number of sexual partners comes up in conversation and your date reveals his # which is less than yours? You?

Tuti: Automatically label him a liar because all men have higher numbers than women. Just that 1st part, anyway why are u even giving me a number ya lame nigga?” lol

Shines: Depends on what I want from him. He’s definitely a good catch but if I’m not looking for a relationship with him, then that’s irrelevant. I’d feel bad adding to his list and suddenly HE becomes “the homie”.

Sierra: Who asks how many sex partners you have?  If you ask me or if you start talking about that,  I feel like it’s immature & maybe I need to rethink who I’m dealing with.  Whats in your past is in your past, bringing up the past in a current relationship starts unnecessary drama for no reason & gives guys ideas on how to manipulate situations.  To answer the question if his # is lower than mine… I’ll be the judge once we hit the bedroom.  If he knows what he’s doing then I don’t care, but if he’s wack I might have to train him! LMAO!

Fellas please pay attention to that last one…. “The Homie” was referenced by Shines. That my man is the Friend Zone. Then we had Sierra speak of training a brotha. *Scribbles in notepad* 


6) You’re on your 1st date with your mental & physical crush and the server places the check in the middle of the table. He doesn’t reach for the bill the entire time.  What’s your impression & does he get a second date?

Tuti: The check is NOT my concern, if the check ever came I wouldnt even acknowledge it. I KNOW he will pay I dont need to get on him on how fast he does it. If he even mentions anything about paying to me…that’s how he will kill his chances of a second date.

Shines: I ‘d grab the bill and if he doesn’t offer to pay, he does NOT get a second date. It’s the principle! That’s a turn off.  Ain’t that much attraction in the world!

Sierra: When a check comes & a guy doesn’t pick the bill up within 3 minutes I automatically pick it up.  Most guys reactions are “what are you doing?” “you’re not paying for the bill give me it” “don’t pick up the bill I’ll pick it up when Im ready to leave” … But if you don’t pick up the tab the first time it might be a test.  So I’ll take care of it, but the next time if you don’t pay I won’t go on a third date with you! I’m not a sugar mama boo boo!

*Adjust self in seat* So I guess we gotta pay to play.  While Tuti ignores the idea of it even happening, Shines cuts you off and probably texts her ex after the date to complain. Sierra gives you the best chance to go wrong and come back strong.  


7) If you suddenly feel like meeting up with your ex, what would you do?

Tuti: Just call your ex and chat with them. But sometimes I’ll just text them & the way they respond or converse will probably turn me off or annoy me, hence, why they are an Ex.

Shines: I most likely have his number memorized but I still ain’t calling his ass! He’ll probably contact me soon anyway.

Sierra: lol If I’m thinking of an ex I’ll just simply send a text and say “Hey how’s everything? You crossed my mind .. just checking on you”

8)If you had to choose to live with someone who truly loves you but you don’t love him back, or to live alone for the rest of your life loving someone who doesn’t love you, who would you choose?

Tuti: I think I’d probably live alone loving someone who doesn’t love me and continue searching for someone who has a balance of loving me & being good for me. It might actually be a good sex thing with the person I want that doesnt want me, but people generally tend to change their minds when you spend time with them or share ur space with them.

Shines: Lmaooooo! I would choose to live with the guy who loves me. I thought you knew I was to be worshiped? Hell no I don’t want to live alone forever and especially not loving someone who doesn’t love me back. Psh!

Sierra: I would have to choose to live with someone who truly loves me but I don’t love him back.  After a while someone can make you start loving them.  Once you put your dislikes to the side & start really looking at the person your with, you will find many reasons to love them back if they’re a good person.

Well! I wanna thank the beautiful @TutiDaBoss @SierraStorey & @Shines4Real for their honesty. As I sit here and read these answers, it’s evident that we men don’t stand a goddamn chance. Tuti will eat you for breakfast with plans of replacing you. Sierra’s gonna train you like a puppy and Shines is gonna slowly push you in the friend zone. We don’t stand a chance… Or do we??? Stay tuned for the fellas version tomorrow.

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