#SoPhi | The 48 Laws Of Power in Dating (For Women) Part 1 By @PhillyTheBoss, @_Peez_, @Haztv, @MrMikeJay

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In modern times, women have conditioned themselves to want and expect certain things out of men and to be quite frank about it, they shouldn’t. Not because men can’t give, but because of the energy women put out into the universe that make men feel as if what they will put out there will be unappreciated or under-appreciated. Women have lost their way in some sense. The 48 Laws Of Power In Dating is here to restore some common sense. We are well aware many of you women wont absorb what we’re saying because you guys assume you know it all. However this is four different men, from four different places coming together to advise you, with no ill intent I may add on what it is that will get you a winning outcome. With No further ado get your “Bookmarks” ready, print it out and pass it around the office if you must. Talk about it at the lunch table and ask us any questions you want Ladies, but Welcome to “The 48 Laws Of Power In Dating (For Women)” (The First 24 today, the Final 24 Tomorrow)

1. Allow The Art of “Absorbing” be your strong suit – To put it bluntly, Knowing how and when to shut up is an art that MOST women haven’t and refuse to master. This 1 thing alone will set off a domino effect of failure in many lanes of your relationship. When a man tries to communicate with you and you try to talk over him. Fail. For starters that’s a sign of disrespect. You should never talk over your man. Ever. Even if you don’t like what he’s saying, shut up and let him finish. Trust and believe 80% of the time when you’re fussing he doesn’t like what you’re saying but he’s at least shutting up. He’s well aware that talking over you wont allow you to absorb what he’s saying and that it’s disrespectful. The Old cliche is a woman automatically wins arguments, thus having women resort to arguing to feel like a winner. When in fact you’re losing. Losing his attention, his respect and him. When you listen you’re able to absorb, completely comprehend and effectively communicate. Communication and EFFECTIVE communication is two different things and there is no thin line in between the two. – Philly The Boss

2. The Power of Choice is Everything. – In 2012, Women have the freedom of liberty and the luxury of choice at there disposal. They decide who they give the time of day to, who gets their number or can contact them via social networks, and last but not least who they let inside their hearts, heads and most importantly, their beds. After having all of this power and control at their fingertips they still find a way to blame everyone but themselves when they “fall for a dog.” Well, “If men are all dogs, then what you call broads?” Choose Wisely. – HazTv

3. Know your worth – I’ve personally dated women and know of men that want someone with a good job, nice car, etc, but they still live at home with their parents. Excuse me, how about you pop your mama’s titty from your mouth and become the person you want to align yourself with. You should be able to meet/exceed the standards you set for others for anyone to take you serious. If you don’t know who you are and what you bring to the table, there’s no way to know what you want. – MrPerfect15 Philly adds Even if you are at home with mom, its OK to want a successful man, a man that can do for you, however it would help if you had something to offer. You must know that because you LACK Ideal qualities that you must them make up for it in showing a man why you are a candidate worth his time.

4. You’re Not Entitled To Anything You Didn’t Earn – A Man owes you nothing. Understand and know this from the inception of your communication process. In dating you BOTH are out to prove that you are worth each others time and more. Do not think “I am a woman and this is what I’m entitled to.” OR “This is what I’m used to.” If what you were used to was so successful why aren’t you there? You were getting everything you wanted correct? You’re not there because it wasn’t everything you wanted. Just as women use their physical attributes to get them by, men use financial attributes to do the same. If you want a check for doing nothing but being pretty and laying on your back on demand, go find a man who will accept that. However it would be unfair to you AND especially him to expect that from a man who demands much more. At the end of the day, go into the situation giving your all at that point you can say “I’m entitled to:” The Olympics are upon us, no one says “Let me get that Gold medal because I’m used to being the best” They go out and prove it. – Philly The Boss

5. Know What You Want – Those who date without a strategy of the type of person that is compatible to them is setting themselves up for failure. Most women say they want the clichè type of guy, but that may not work for them.. i.e You want a man that’s a provider and head of the household, but you wear Ms. Independent as a badge of honor. You can’t successfully have it both ways. Know the type of person that compliments YOU and date accordingly instead of wasting your time and his. – Peez

6. Acknowledge The Power Of The Approach – Women always complain about the quality of men “available” to them but are never proactive in their pursuit for a partner. They settle for whatever approaches them and are left to pick from the scraps, all the while letting their “type” of man pass them by daily. Learn the difference between Determination and Desperation. Nothing in life worth having comes easy so realize that facing your fear of rejection could lead to a remarkable reward. Besides, those subtle signs that you women like to throw may be overlooked by a man that possesses all of the ambition and drive you’re looking for. Think about it. – HazTV

7. Limit Yourself, So To Speak – Give yourself a limit in the very beginning of what you won’t put up with. It saves time and emotions. – MrMikeJay

8. Don’t Treat Every One As “The One” – Women tend to have an “all in” mentality when it comes to men and relationships. The minute there is a spark and they feel an emotional attachment to a man they immediately seek an emotional commitment and began to envision what a future would be like with them. This method almost always will end in disappointment and heartbreak. Refrain from viewing every man that comes along as potential “husband material” and reserve that for those that deserve that. Enjoy the moment and take it as it comes. The beauty of falling in love is you never see it coming. If you’re always on the lookout how can you ever fall? – HazTv

9. Allow Yourself Time To Move On – Nobody likes “a bitch with baggage.” It’s a personal pet peeve of mine because if you haven’t gotten over the last person you dated, you have no business getting back in the game. If you’re dating smart, you should leave any “failed” relationship a better/wiser person. You can’t be fixated on the past while trying to build for the future. Jumping from one person to another is just indication that you’re in love with the idea of love and just trying to find someone that can maintain the facade the longest. The only constant will be that your relationships will always have a ceiling that will be hit at some point. Peez

10. Knowing Is Half The Battle – Put some kind of effort into understanding why they love that one hobby they have. That’s how you bond. MrMikeJay

11. Dating In The Same Circles – I think it’s pretty sad that this has to be stated and explained, but I see the shit happen all the time. Men treat women a lot different than they treat the hoes. More times than not, if you dated a man and his friend/co-worker/teammate tries his luck, you were nothing special to that man and now dudes are just trying to jump you off. Or, If a dude tries you and he’s trying to keep it from his boy, he’s a sucker that has no idea what loyalty is. Do you really wanna involve yourself with a snake? Most times it’s not even worth it. We’ve all had the feeling of “I wish I met your friend first”, but you didn’t so take your L and stop looking desperate. – Peez

12. There is no such thing as a Female Player – The sooner women accept this simple truth the sooner they can prosper in the game of “dating.” A woman can “talk to” multiple men, allow them to court her while she weighs her options and choose the best match for her, but the minute she starts sleeping with them she has officially lost. You don’t have hoes lady, you are the hoe. A “double dick clutching” hoe at that. Enjoy! – HazTV

13. Play With The Cards You’re Dealt – Embrace their imperfections. Then decide if you can live with them. – MrMikeJay

14. There Is No Competition If you Don’t Acknowledge Competitors – If your man is SEMI decent, you’re likely not the only woman who wants him. It may be women he deal with on a daily basis at work, a woman he casually converse with or just a passer by. The minute you allow “Her” to realize that you feel he can be taken, If she’s malicious enough she will do everything to eliminate you. When a woman approach a man in many case, she’s studied him long enough to know what he likes and don’t like and has figured an angle to come at him on. The minute you show an insecurity she now knows that you are incapable of keeping such man and will force you to nag your way out the picture. You can’t put this on your man as “He shouldn’t have entertained her.” For starters you shouldn’t have given her the inkling that she was on your level enough to be in pursuit of anything you have in your possession. Women are master manipulators. While she’s figuratively bending over your mans shoulders asking him simply “What’s 2 plus 2” she made sure you were aware that she applied her lipstick put on her fuck me heels and wore the most seductive dress in her closet JUST to ask this question. She’s pursuing him indirectly by giving you the rope of insecurity to hang yourself. What have she been doin? Simply holding small talk, positioning herself as someone he can be comfortable talking to. Your insecurities created this monster. No one else. Control your own destiny. – Philly The Boss

15 They Are Who They Were, When They Got There – Always remember the stories they told you about their past relationships. That’s a possible forecast. – MrMikeJay

16. Being Naive To Interested Men – No man wants to be with a woman that CRAVES the attention of men on any level. Also, no man wants a woman to be oblivious to another man intentions. NO MAN WANTS TO BE JUST FRIENDS WITH A WOMAN THEY JUST MET. Men have the patience of a sniper when it comes to dealing with a woman. They’ll cook in the friend zone for weeks, months or sometimes years waiting for an opening to capitalize on. So just because he hasn’t tried anything yet doesn’t mean he doesn’t have those intentions. We know this because we’ve been that man at some point – Peez

17. Treat Him The Way HE Wants To Be Treated – “Treat others the way that you want to be treated” works with basic respect but that’s about it. Every man is similar yet unique and therefore they all have different desires and dislikes. Don’t think you know how to treat them all simply because you knew how to treat the last one. Learn your man so you can customize your catering to fit HIS specific needs and expectations – HazTV

18. Distance Is No Excuse To Be Less Than – If you lived with your man and played your “role” you would do certain things. In the modern day and times, especially with the existence of social networks, many are in Long Distance relationships. However to see women waiting on “Good Morning” text makes me semi-irate. Let me get this straight. Not only are you not sexing this man on the regular, nor are you cooking him breakfast, giving him a massage out of nowhere, feeding him soup if he gets sick but you want him to address you initially in the A.M.? Where exactly are you catering to him? Catering to your man is catering at any cost. The “Good Morning” text IS the duty of the Woman. Its his breakfast that you can not fix. As a matter of fact the Goodnight text is as well Its the dinner. Feed him the mental nourishment that you give a fuck. If you do what you are supposed to without him having to beg or ask. You would be surprised at the result. Him checking on you mid day if fine. However if you can’t Do everything you “normally would” the small things should go without question. – Philly The Boss

19. Give Time For Your Interest To Show Who They Are … A lot of women rush into relationships because they are in love with the idea love, not in love with the person they are with. Time will reveal all, so if you use that to your advantage, it’s less likely that you will be blindsided in the future. I dated someone for close to a year and certain events caused me to be at the lowest point of my life. When I needed her the most, she wasn’t there and we ended up breaking up. I was caught up in the clichés and superficial even though she showed she wasn’t a ride or die at different points throughout the relationship. Relationships can be dope, but forcing it will just create an expiration date. – Peez Philly Says PREACH!

20. Don’t Date Ideas – Every woman has an “idea” of what she is looking for in a man. At least the smart one’s do. The problem lies when women express what they are looking for and allow men to align their actions to accommodate those ideas, thus “forcing” them to “fall” for who they “think” they are. Don’t give a man a manuscript and allow his ACTions to be an act. Reveal your desires and dislikes as they come up through his actions, not before. HazTV

21. Don’t juggle prospects (jack of all trades, master of none) … “My 90 day rule” – Peez

22. No Two Relationships Are The Same – You have to live for you. Not your family, friends, associates, co-workers etc. The intricate dynamics of your relationship should always stay in-house. Women fail to realize many men do not like the aspect of outsiders being in their business. No one can solve the issues you have with your man, but your man. You don’t need to be married to get counseling either. If its that’s drastic find a neutral party for advice. Not someone who is aligned with you or him. All relationships take work. Daily. Setting your relationship on cruise control is equivalent to blindfolding yourself and taking your hands off the wheel. – Philly The Boss

23 Respect Is Key – Never demand anything outside of respect. This isn’t something you have to be in. – MrMikeJay

24. Only Hoes Listen To Hoes – The first rule of the game for a woman is never receive your game from a woman. Not only are you in direct competition with each other (and we all know how women love to compete with other women) but chances are her “game” was developed from a lifetime of learning what not to do. They tend to say things like “I made these mistakes so you don’t have to” but in the end their range is limited to telling you how not to lose as opposed to being able to provide you with the tools to win. The fact is these women are still fighting the exact same fight you are and although that gives them a first hand perspective of your plight, understand that they are still currently trying to win themselves. Just remember, Birds Of A Feather Suck Cock Together. -Haztv

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5 Responses to #SoPhi | The 48 Laws Of Power in Dating (For Women) Part 1 By @PhillyTheBoss, @_Peez_, @Haztv, @MrMikeJay

  1. L255 says:


  2. boneapetite says:

    Let the church say Amen!!! “If what you were used to was so successful why aren’t you there?” …keeping speaking the truth fellas…

  3. NiceNurse says:

    Good article fellas, every point is very true & most of all it’s from your prospective, interested in the next 24 laws…i’m curious!!!

  4. Jacquelyn says:

    The resident sexist HazTV makes me laugh, but otherwise, good information.

  5. SC223 says:

    I agree mostly with all except #18. I’ve found that when you cater to a man (affection, time, cooking, attention, compliments, daily texts, sex etc…) you lose. This is dating not marriage & you don’t want him to feel like you’re mothering him.
    Most men like to cater/court a woman. He wants to impress & attract you. Let him. Let your actions follow his. Give selectively & meaningfully. Try to make him feel appreciated, understood, attractive and/or special with your actions and words. A “good morning” text everyday quickly stops being special.
    You were amazing at (….) so I thought you deserved (….).
    I know you’ve been dealing with a lot & handling it like a champ. I wanted to (…) for you.
    Good morning. Thank you for (….). It meant a lot to me.

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