#SoPhi | The 48 Laws Of Power in Dating (For Women) Part 2 By @PhillyTheBoss, @_Peez_, @Haztv, @MrMikeJay

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25. Lofty Goals Don’t Equate to Ambitious Goals – Once upon a time, women attempted to build with men. Honestly, I can’t tell you where it ended but MANY women have lofty goals that are somewhat unrealistic. Why? Because for starters you don’t understand the mind of a man. Let me be clear some men are gumps. They will fall for anything. So you may get lucky and land a successful guy who is lacking on the interior that’s willing to do whatever for you because he is just happy to be in your presence. However, that is not the norm. Many men who worked to obtain what they have, those who have reached a certain level HAVE OPTIONS. You can’t come into the situation thinking as some women do “I’m only going to put in, what he gives out.” NEWSFLASH: You’re the one needing him as oppose to him seeing it as him needing you. Thus why if you revert back to previous laws. If you won’t give your all to prove you want him. Stick to casual dating. Always keep in your mind “What is it that I’m offering him, that these other women can’t?” The Thing is, all women are different. There is something you can offer that they can’t, The key is to not be one of the women discarded because you’re holding back. If you’re looking for a man to take you as his wife, prove to that particular man why you should be. Early and Often OR make way for the other woman who Is going to do what you should have done. Instead of underwhelming a man who has everything, go find a project you can build with. – Philly The Boss

26. Suck More Sack – I figure I’ll be the only one on the panel to say this so fuck it. Head without ball play is blasphemy. How would you like a nigga to put his face in the place n say grace only to completely ignore the clitoris? Exactly. A man knows if he ain’t right so you should never have to worry about a salty sack if he cares about you, but if you care about him your gonna have to get your nose dirty – HazTV

27. Be Mysterious – Your life story should come out over time not the first dinner. The more there seems to be about yourself, the higher the intrigue will be. There’s being secretive and theres being selective. Be selective. – MrMikeJay

28. Crazy Ain’t Cool – I don’t know how but people really adopted certain logic into their everyday lives. No man wants a woman that doesn’t have a grip on their emotions. It’s common knowledge that women are emotional beings, but your emotions cannot cause you to do irrational shit. The difference from being a woman and being crazy is that crazy women have an excuse to why they act an ass and it’s always something outside of themselves to blame, I.e. alcohol or “he made me crazy”. Y’all listening to these dudes saying “crazy box is the best box” but you don’t hear that every reference to good crazy box is about an EX. – Peez

29. There’s No Such Thing As Double Standards – There are standards for men to abide by and the same for women. Women will argue it til they are blue in the face about how it’s not right that a man can have a lot of sexual partners. Women made it that way by still dealing with dudes with high body counts. Set your own standard if it bothers you that much and stop bitching about it. Pussy is powerful … so powerful that niggas are throwing bottles at each other in the club over it. Use your pussy to your advantage and not to your detriment. – Peez

30. Maintain Your Temple If You Want To Warrant Worship – We all get comfortable once we achieve whatever it is we are after. Whether it’s your performance at a new job after a few months or your performance in a relationship. Men tend to slack off on the romantic side that first captivated their woman where many women forget how visual men are and let their physical appearance fall off. Physical attraction has nothing to do with emotional attachment. Plenty of men are in situations where they love the woman they are currently with but are no longer sexually attracted to them because over the years she has let time get the best of her. We understand that baby’s change bodies but so do treadmills. Maintain your temple if you expect your man to continue to worship you. Avoid getting comfortable because as the good old saying goes, “Consistent dick make a bitch fall off quick” – HazTV

31. Practice Saying No – If you become a yes man early on, you could be setting yourself up for various arguments and issues. You don’t have to be a nazi about things but always be true to your initial gut feelings. – MrMikeJay Philly Says Tell me No if you want, see what happens. If It’s Doable, no isn’t an option. If i’m reaching, then by all means keep that option on the table. However, “No” wont be an option you’re afforded much.

32. What Can You Do With A Bag Of Chicken? – Sad That this has to be a Law, BUT you are not a woman if you can’t nourish your mans mind, body and soul. If you can’t cook you are lacking in a MAJOR way. Get right. – Philly The Boss

33. A Great Heart Conquers All – A woman who looks to give back is the most attractive woman to ANY man. Please save the cheesy, just to say I did it charities for someone else. Visualize a tradition of you as a family going out and feeding the homeless before you feed yourselves on Christmas or Thanksgiving. Your meal is guaranteed, theirs isn’t. That’s just an example but a man can like, love and adore you. When a man ADORE you, you have done something. That little selfless light that glows in your character will put a REAL man on puppet strings. A Selfless woman is usually a woman who doesn’t hear no much. – Philly The Boss

34. Cheese in Excess Isn’t Good For Anyone Save the overbearing cheesy compliments and lusty pda for the lame couples. You wanna be comfortable being yourself but you can’t because the expectations of letting everyone around you know they’re yours is weighing down on you. Subtle and spontaneous over abrasive and crowding. – MrMikeJay

35. Don’t Let It Go To Your Head Now – It’s a known fact that most men tell women what they want to hear. It just so happens that most of the time what a woman “wants to hear” isn’t the actual truth, or at best its a watered down version of it. The problem with women receiving and believing this “artificial fuel” is men gas them up, then they take it and run with it not realizing it won’t even get them very far. They believe every compliment every man they encounter gives them and walk around with a false sense of self and an extremely elevated ego . Most women acknowledge that it’s game but still allow their heads to be gassed by the attention. The fact is, at least with a real nigga, just cause I flirt doesn’t mean I’ll fuck.I’m sure half of the women reading this probably think I want them bout would be extremely dissapointed if they ever built up the courage to present me with a box offering. All the flirting and sweet nothings mean nothing .Never believe shit from a nigga you haven’t fucked.HazTv

36. Your Current And Ex’s Are A Direct Reflection Of You – A lot of people won’t accept the blame for a failed relationship not knowing that they look just as bad talking about the “ain’t shit niggas” of their past. Recently a man got aired out for borrowing $200 from his old lady to go on vacation and never paid it back. We all know that’s a sucker move but the lender outdid his lame and 1 up’d him by going on a radio show and airing him out. How does she think the next man will view her knowing that? Keep your personal life personal because making a spectacle impacts your image as well. – Peez

37. It’s All Tit For Tat Till A Bitch Get Slapped – “A woman can’t behave like a man and still expect to be viewed as a woman.” It’s simple logic. Many women confused the result of the Women’s Liberation Movement as a free pass to do whatever a man can do. Equal rights does not make you equal. Ask any black man in America. Your man flirting and you flirting is NOT THE SAME. Men usually initiate the interaction with the opposite sex where women usually entertain it. A man can flirt with 10 women and none of them entertain him,but the woman on the other hand has complete control over the direction of and how far that interaction will go. In other words, your man knocking on another woman’s door is not “as bad” as you opening the door for another man that’s knocking. True he shouldn’t even be in her neighborhood but why the fuck is your porch light on letting niggas know you’re home when you KNOW why they’re outside? Never mimic a man’s actions out of spite to make him feel what you feel. There is no room for spite in relationships. Spite is defined as : a malicious, usually petty, desire to harm, annoy, frustrate,or humiliate another person. Is that really how you wanna treat the one you love? – HazTv

38. The Tuti Law Do understand you are not the leader. Your man is. If you date a man who cannot lead you in the proper direction, cancel him and find another. Most of you are religious. Even in the Bible it states for a wife to obey her husband. All the way back to Eve. Adam simply got in trouble for not being the leader he was SUPPOSED to be. Which translates to, when a man is not leading his household as foretold it is destined to fail. Being defiant will get you nowhere. When you find HIM, fall in line. – Philly The Boss

39. Have Faith What makes a great man great, is his woman. One of the major aspects of a great woman is her faith. Muslim, Christian or other. A woman well grounded in her faith can make her husband or mans days lighter. You don’t have to preach to him or anything of the sort. However, The faith you have instilled in you will provide him peace and Comfort. Remember watching Malcolm X? Betty was well grounded in Faith and even when her man wasn’t near the sound of her voice provided him peace. The conversations she had with him were peaceful. That’s what a woman of great faith can do for her man. – Philly The Boss

40. Never start doing anything with them – if you think you may not wanna continue on that path. Whatever it may be. Once you start, they look at it as a standard procedure and getting out of that is hell to pay. This goes from sending good morning text to always hanging out on certain days. Spontaneous actions will save you – MrMikeJay P

41. Cooperation Is Key To The Conversation A quality conversation might be one of the most valuable assets a woman can have if she hopes to be in a healthy long term relationship. The unfortunate truth is many of today’s women lack respectable communication skills. The ability to initiate and carry a conversation is key in both partners but most women simply sit back and expect the man to “take control”. They ask zero to no questions in the beginning and wonder why they’re left with the most questions in the end. #TheLogic – HazTV

42. Fuck Your Body Count, Kinda – Sexual history isn’t a topic for discussion in the beginning. Save it for when you start taking your socks off during sex – MrMikeJay

43. Speak Up or Shut Up Men do not read minds. What’s understood doesn’t need to be explained but it does need to be understood first. Don’t just expect a man to know, respect the fact that we are wired differently and embrace effective communication practices. In other words, say something. Learn to be proactive instead of always being reactive because if you have a problem and don’t speak up now, then shut up later. – HazTV

44. It’s not Exclusive Until You’re Told So – Never assume you’re the only one. The only time you act as so is when you’re told so. – MrMikeJay Philly Says Let me volunteer, don’t ask me.

45. Don’t Speak To Strangers – Everyone is an outsider mind set. Meaning, keep your problems with that person in house and only share the positive happenings. Misery loves company. MrMikeJay

46. Never Undermine Authority In previous times, women weren’t allowed to address men. For specific reasons. One was so that there wouldn’t be the appearance that you were making your husband look like a fool. Women have to realize. The man you’re with is supposed to be your protector. If you are constantly undermining him and you have no respect for him, how can the next man. Many men determine the actual authority of a man, in part by how well his woman take heed to his word. If you don’t feel secure with the man you are with, maybe in part its some of your doing? – PhillTheBoss

47. If You’ve Already Played Your Pussy, Don’t Play Yourself – If you do choose to sleep with a man the same night you meet or on the first date (or first time meeting after the initial exchange) don’t expect a call the next day. Don’t expect anything. The fact is he isn’t obligated to do anything. You should be comfortable being in the position you’re in based off of the intelligent decision you made the night before. Play it cool and just allow nature to take its course. If the pussy was good, he’ll call. HazTV Philly Says This Law changes as you change men. Figuring out the type of guy you’re dealing with is key.

48. Enjoy Life, Be Happy If There Is No need for the argument, don’t have it. Not everything should end in a irate, verbal exchange. Relax, take a breather and speak on it when cooler heads prevail. Example go for a walk in the park and as you are enjoying his company say “Hey you forgot to take the trash out this morning” His response in all likelihood will be “Damn, you right. My bad baby. Wont happen again” and you both will continue to enjoy your time together. Its not what you say, Its how its said. Depending on the type of man you have an abrasive approach to dealing with issues will have your “HIM” looking for a “HER” who comes off much more peaceful. Learn your mate, enjoy life first and focus on happiness. It will get you far.

Thank you all for entertaining this Idea of Ours. We hope you enjoyed.
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