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Australian rapper Iggy Azalea dropped her debut album, The New Classic a few weeks ago and much to my chagrin and confusion, it debuted at number three on the Billboard Hot 200. When I initially heard the album title a while back, I felt it was a little ambitious for Iggy, and after hearing the album, I realized I was entirely right.

There’s nothing classic about The New Classic. While it’s enjoyable, listenable, and obviously marketable; the album meets every bare minimum requirement to just be considered “decent”. That’s not even cracking a seal on good, let alone great- but as stated, it’s the third most popular album in the country so I mean; someone knew what they were doing.

Titular mishaps aside, the album is pretty tolerable if you set up your expectations accordingly. Iggy is talented; there’s no way to take that away from her. She keeps it cute with the flow on tracks like “Murda Bizness ft. T.I.” “Bounce” and “Fancy.” Her sincerity and dedication shine thru in her lyricism on songs like “Rolex”, “Impossible is Nothing”, and “Don’t Need Y’all”. Pretty much all of that goes to complete shit however when you listen to tracks like “F*ck Love” “Black Widow” and the God awful “New Bitch.”

It’s not so much that Iggy Azalea is untalented, because that’s not really the issue here. Something about the album, from the title, to the hip-hop/dubstep/reggae fused production, to the money, cars, clothes, hoes inspired lyrics just come off as gimmicky. And for a slim thick white girl from Australia who called her debut rap album the “new classic”; gimmicky is just not something we needed to hear.

Iggy can do better, and I honestly believe that she will, further into her career. However, let’s all be grateful that she has wonderful backing in the industry; because if this was all there was to offer, she probably wouldn’t get a chance to drop another “classic.”

Best OK Tracks: “Don’t Need Y’all”, “100”, “Work”, “Walk the Line”
Grade= D+

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