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1. If you shut up, people wouldnt have to know how dumb you are

2. Islam is coming to a crossroads where the Islamic Progressives, have to go against Islamic extremist. The world hasn’t failed those missing girls. Islam has, and As a Muslim man, I say this. For far too long we’ve allowed Christian/Zionist nations do the labor of fighting battles we should have checked ourselves. Many of the issues Islamic nations have with the west is that very few stand up. They let the radicals take over, plea for help and when an accidental casualty happens they want vengeance. It’s time to do it ourselves… OR Islam will fall. Extremist do everything in the name of Islam and broadcast it. It’s time to do what’s right in the name of Islam.

3. Inshallah every one of those little girls will be found safely and have the opportunity to heal and grow.

4. My 32nd Birthday is in 20 Days, I have no Idea what I want to do. I’m getting old. When Birthday Plans aren’t in your plans, you know you’ve hung it up.

5. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE Be aware and vote in your upcoming local elections. That’s how you will start changing what goes on that directly effects you. Some elections are going on as early as later this month.

6. No one besides me find it ironic that ONE tube that can fit in the trunk of a Toyota Camry is responsible for finding a plane in a VAST area of ocean?

7. It’s never too late in life to get where you need to be. Each year is 365 days (except Leap) in one year of hard work, 365 days of planning and execution, you can get on the right track and change your current future. What are you going to do?

8. Consistency is better than Congratulations. Never work for the Award, work for the rewards. Consistency in anything comes with a constant residual. Refocus your focus.

9. This summer take time out even if its just one week or weekend and indulge in self. Splurge on self, spend time with self. Keep your stress levels low. Just give yourself time to think. If you’re always moving when did you have time to plan and/or make sure you’re on task/track?

10. Mothers Day is this coming weekend. Want to do something different? Assist that single mom in your neighborhood that you see doing the best she can to raise hers right. Putting a smile on someones face rewards your soul more than it will ever do for them. It feels great.

11. Let’s get back to a sense of community. We are responsible for one another even if we don’t want to be. Us negating our roles is one reason our communities have regressed.

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