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Terms and Conditions May Apply

Because you’re reading this blog right now, this is a documentary I know YOU NEED TO WATCH. If you have a Netflix account, it’s easily accessible among the “Popular on Facebook” selections. Obviously, our world today is a fast growing digital one.  We use it for basically EVERYTHING…paying bills, staying connected, making money, leisure, looking up information, everything. The internet is a digital treasure trove of information that makes things in life cool and convenient but at the same time did you know that it monitors each keystroke we make? Take a moment or two to process that. Think about what monitoring each keystroke means. Now let’s think about who has access to this information because if something is being monitored, somebody is obviously looking for something, right? But what if we don’t want people monitoring our keystrokes? What are they monitoring our key strokes for? It’s not even a matter of who can we trust anymore. It’s also added WHAT we trust to the equation. This documentary will make you never look at that “I Agree” button the same…..



You could check this out to get more deeper into it….

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

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