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I was cruising down the road today and my homie texts me: “You heard that New Slaughterhouse Tape?” (Which Can be Found Here: GlassHouseTour) I say to him “If no one addressed ScHoolboy Q, I don’t want to hear it.” While obviously I was joking, because I’m a huge Slaughterhouse fan, there’s some truth there. Slaughterhouse are hip hop’s underdogs but lyrically maybe one of Hip Hop’s greatest collectives ever. Joe Budden, Royce Da 5’9, Joell Ortiz and Crooked I. A fearsome foursome, yet I feel about them how I sometimes feel about Lebron, my favorite NBA Player. I often say, If Lebron James had Allen Iverson’s heart he would already be the greatest player in the history of the NBA. I await the day Lebron has that A.I. vs. Tyronn Lue moment and step over the carcass of his opponent. Exact way I feel about Slaughterhouse. You have the name, you have the bars, you have the skill, but many day’s those of us whom love you will wonder if you will ever live up to what WE see in you.

Hip Hop is a contact sport. It’s aggressive, It’s competitive. There is no such things as multiple kings, there’s one hill, 1 champion. Kendrick Lamar went out and hit someone last year. Yes, the brother with the nappy high top fade & dashiki.. him. He hit a few people, surveyed the damage and laughed at it. Top Dawg CEO of TDE, Kendrick included knows in order to get where you need to be, there will have to be casualties, a body must be caught. Someones head has to rest above the fire place. Every great, had someone they had to brutalize. Lil Flip had a movement somewhat a radical one, and T.I. ended all of that for what he wanted. “There will be no 2 Kings Of The South, just one.” While no real beef is necessary here, the battle is necessary. Almost moreso than Pacquiao vs. Mayweather. It’s the elephant in a room which is called hip hop. I mean, ScHoolboy Q so comfortable he let off a round or 2 in your direction and didn’t think twice of it, didn’t even bother to remove the tweet.

Bloggers who think they know it all will argue “But its not good for business”… WELL ACTUALLY it couldn’t be better for business. It may scare the label because well, think about it: Jews, Italians etc. with no clue about our culture but profit like crazy, will be afraid someone might die, esp with a few gang ties involved. A. that can be kept under control. B. The buzz, the anticipation for whats next will give the idle, malnourished fans of HIP HOP something to spend their hard earned coins on. You would be able to sell diss tracks and mixtapes on itunes before posting them on DatPiff. This isn’t your typical matchup. This isn’t Migos vs. Rich Homie. People would love this. The free publicity and promo from every bandwagon ass blog site will handle the marketing, the twitter flock will feed the flames and be in a frenzy. Jay Rock who has the most anticipated project of anyone left in TDE, who is an ANIMAL would greatly benefit from the “What will Jay Rock say?” thoughts that will run amuck. There’s a friendly rivalry here, both crews are basically label mates. no one dies, everyone lives and make themselves more money. Being afraid to lose has never created a king, has never created a great, has never made someone the best at anything. Don’t mind my dreams. I’m just a business man who is a huge fan of both groups and a lover of Hip Hop. Turning peoples desires into profit is how I’ve made my living.

TDE is on their way up, they have the cult following and hipsters/hypebeast. What they don’t have is the bodies. They haven’t left that mark that matches their image. Each member of Slaughterhouse is on the other side of their careers, likely to retire somewhere in the near future. Years from now, when the Hip Hop discussions come up will it be said that “Slaughter House Could have been dope but they just never lived up to their name, lived up to their potential, did what they should’ve done.” It will be too late to change it then. Somebody has to HIT someone, NOW. Will it be someone from TDE or will it be someone from SlaughterHouse… wait.. ScHoolboy Q (of TDE) already answered that. Off to see what this lil House Gang tape is hitting for. Yall be cool.

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