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I mean c’mon when is camouflage not a good idea? I’m not sure when army fatigue took over street fashion but I’m so glad it did! Stretch pants, hats, jackets or pants you really can’t go wrong. Never really gone for good, you can always count on army fatigues to add that extra swag to your look.

 This splash of style is what keeps the element of novelty in play and the levels of excitement in a perpetual state of growth.. after all, we are talking about a print that shares a long history with fashion, not all of which is based entirely upon progress and innovation.

The best part about this cool look is a little goes a long way. Below you’ll find different ways you can bless your wardrobe with a touch of  fatigues


Your eyes aren’t playing tricks on you she did pair a Channel pin with her fatigue jacket!!




These ladies killed it!

Fatigues_J. Cole Fatigues_JayZ

Jay-z and J.Cole…

The end.

There’s a fine line between crazy-cool fashion explorer and just plain ole’ crazy. I suggest opting for one bold piece, or wearing the pattern in muted tones. Whether you decided to dress yours up with Giuseppe  Zonotti or a pair of Chuck Taylor’s you can’t lose with army fatigues..  soooooo.. did I convince you to dress out loud?  Play around with it a little, see what works and what doesn’t and don’t forget to @ me on Twitter!  I want to see what you come up with xoxo  @TheEgoWhisperer

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