A Love Story : Quick Decisions (Part 2) by @Pinky_Balboa

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We ordered our food to go and headed back to Latrell’s house. His phone started to vibrate. He looked at it, then sucked his teeth. “What’s up?” I could tell who it was, just by how he answered the phone. Instant jealousy kicked in. I rolled my eyes and looked out the window.

As we pulled into the garage of Latrell’s suburban home, I smiled thinking about the time I fell into the pile of soil adjacent to the car, and messed up my Jordan V’s. I followed Latrell into the house and into the entertainment room. He brought me a cold drink and my favorite house slippers, and passed me the remote. It felt just like the old days when I was here everyday after school.

I heard Latrell talking under his breath in the kitchen, I peaked through the door and could see he was on the phone again. He walked back into the room, and sat next to me. “Mmmm your fries look better than mine.” He reached over and took a fork full. As we sat and ate and talked, I could feel my soft spot for Latrell grow bigger.

“So. How’s your girlfriend doing?”. I knew Latrell hated when I asked about her. “She’s cool. She’s away on some school conference”. The awkward silence. “How’s uh, what’s his face ? DJ? Yeah, how’s DJ doing?” Now we were just being plain childish.

Latrell was my first love. I met him when I was 15 and it was pretty much love at first sight. He lived 30 minutes away in a south suburb, so we spent a lot of time commuting. Our relationship ended after Latrell graduated and began to have more friends, including other girls. The chick that took his interest away from me, was now still in the picture. I somehow turned from the main girl to the side chick. He kept our continuous friendship a secret, even though I encouraged him to be honest about it. Talk about demotion.

“What time you gotta head back to the city?” Latrell looked as if he was preparing for a nap. He slid out of his polo, revealing an athletic mocha brown body. He started undoing his belt buckle and I closed my eyes. “3………3:15”. I kept my eyes closed. I felt body heat. I could hear the volume decreasing on the TV.

“I miss you……..”. Latrell’s voice was soft and welcoming. In the 3 years we were together, I never heard him say those words. His big lips brushed against my neck , my body responded with approval. “Mmm. Is that right?” I pursed my lips and looked ahead towards the TV.
“Yeah. I miss ….this…us kickin it and shit”. He reached over and squeezed the back of my neck., forcing me to lock eyes with him. He closed his eyes and tugged at my bottom lip. I sat motionless. He kissed me deep, passionately, seductively.

Why am I here? What am I doing ? I can’t let this happen. No. No.

“No.” Latrell frowned. “Move over.” He smirked and went for my neck.

Oh god. No. Not my neck. Jesus give me strength

I pushed him away.
Latrell’s face instantly turned from a frown to a pout.

Later that afternoon, we pulled into the train station, I went for the car door handle. “Before you go, I just want to say I’m sorry if I crossed the line earlier. You know I’d never try to make you fe-” I cut him off.
“You good. No problem. I’ll text you When I get home.” Latrell hit the locks. I smacked my lips.
“Hear me out. I loved you I just didn’t know what I wanted. Well, I knew what I wanted you just couldn’t give it to me. I should’ve been patient. I made a quick decision being young minded-”
He looked down while shaking his head.
“You have a baby on the way”.
I blurted it out while staring ahead at nothing in particular. Latrell sighed heavily and laid his head back into his seat. “I want a chance to make it right. I know what to do now. I was just on some young minded shit. You’re who I’m supposed to be with.” I looked straight ahead. I could feel a tear forming.

Latrell took his seat belt off and leaned over the console. “I’m waiting on you. I’ll drop everything, except my kid, to be back with you”. His words felt like a cool fan in a hot room. It felt so good to know Latrell really did care. I still loved him. I thought . Or was I just lonely?

“I’m just going to drive you home so we can talk. Sit back.”

I smiled slightly and fastened my seat belt feeling excited and piqued by the “new” Latrell.

Bzzzzzzzz. Bzzzzzzzz. I reached into my pocket and pulled my phone out. It was my mom.
“Where are you?” My mom sounded worried and annoyed. “I’m on my way home, what’s wrong?”.
I heard a voice in the background, it sounded familiar. “Your lil boyfriend is here sitting on the steps waiting for you. He says he’s been here for at least an hour. Why aren’t you home? You didn’t know he was here?” I was so confused. “Chile, hold on. Here he is, I gotta run to the bathroom.” I heard my mom pass her phone to some one .

“Well…….I wanted to surprise you, but that didn’t work out. My grandpa flew me in this morning for thanksgiving. Where you at baby!”

I couldn’t believe my ears. Darren “DJ” Daniels was on the other end of the phone. I hadn’t seen him since he turned his back on me at Midway airport, 3 months ago. We talked almost everyday , but the distance seemed to have put a wedge between us. Instantly, I felt my heart flutter at the sound of his voice.

Latrell was 2 blocks from my house and DJ was sitting outside. I hung up the phone.
Think. Think. Quick.

Bzzzzzzz . DJ was calling back.
One block away.
“Which house it again?” Latrell asked. “Just drop me off at the corner”. My heart was thumping out of my chest. I was grabbing my things to make a speedy exit.
“What? No silly. Oh! I remember, the house with the black gate.”

Latrell pulled up in front of my house and there was DJ; fine and chocolate as ever. The 5 days in the gym he spent was quite evident. He was sitting on the top step with my moms phone in his hand. I tried to quickly hop out of the car, but I had forgotten to take my seat belt off. Latrell’s outburst of laughter caught DJ’s attention.

DJ noticed me struggling to get out of the car and started to approach the vehicle with a big smile.
No. No. Don’t come over here.

“Let me help you”, Latrell put the car in park and go out of the drivers side. DJ walked up. “Baby, let me help you.” Latrell stopped in his tracks and he and DJ met glances. No one said a word.

To Be Continued………


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