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I wanted to try something new, so I agreed to go to Copeland’s one night. It’s in Midtown ATL in an area called “Atlantic Station”. I went at night so the outdoor patio wasn’t open. Upon entry Copeland’s is well lit, with a quality ambiance like a chain restaurant I love, The Cheesecake factory. If I could compare the feel. Airy, yet nice & quality. We were seated by a friendly hostess and given a very nice waitress. They also consider themselves a Cheesecake Bistro. I did not try the cheesecake because I ordered a few appetizers which were delicious. The Spinach & Artichoke dip was very delicious. I used to think there was no real way you can ruin spinach dip until I ran across a few establishments that make terrible spinach dip. Very fresh and creamy spinach dip alongside fresh Pita chips. I basically consumed my whole appetizer which was a terrible idea leading up to how delicious The Main course was.

Crab & Crawfish Ravioli
(NOTE: Crab & Crawfish Ravioli is not a menu Item, I kind of custom ordered this. However, you CAN order it.)
The original dish, the one that is featured on the menu is Crawfish Ravioli, Its Seasoned fried ravioli, stuffed with Ricotta cheese, topped with hot crawfish tails, green onions in a spicy cream sauce all for 16.95. Of course I had to up the ante and tell them to add fresh crabmeat as well. MY GOD. It was the best ravioli dish I have ever eaten at any restaurant in my time. The fried Ricotta ravioli gave a contrast of texture To the creamy, spicy, heaping pile of Crawfish and chunk crab meat. Everything tasted fresh, the flavors were well developed & married in this harmonious affair that my taste buds danced to.

Not only was my custom specifications to my meal made perfectly, but I had a great experience at Copelands. Hopefully I don’t regret this review as I do with STRIP (Atlantic Station as well) who gave me horrendous service alongside a even worse meal post my initial review. I hold out hope on this one and would definitely suggest checking them out and if you’re in the mood for something new and exciting for your taste buds, order the Crab & Crawfish Ravioli.

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