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Movie Summary: Atom Egoyan’s haunting true mystery about who killed three children in a small town. The police identify three teens, aka the West Memphis Three, as committing the murders during a satanic ritual but the truth may be scarier as a mother (Reese Witherspoon) and investigator (Colin Firth) suspect all is not as it appears.

Opinion: Devil’s Knot is one of those movies that aren’t critically acclaimed. The acting isn’t amazing, but the story is. Devils Knot about the West Memphis Three and the injustices they may have faced. It was interesting because minorities can and will very much Identify the movie and emphasized the lengths the justice system will go to prove that you’re the suspect as opposed to making sure they have the right guy. The acting is good enough to enjoy but based on the movie, there wasn’t much suspense.


Rating: 3 stars out of 5. Its worth the watch, If you’re looking for something to watch

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