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I’ll say I stumbled upon Ms. Bobbi Dean in 2010? She was an ambitious, a hard worker. I’ve always kept my eye out for her and admired her hard work along the way. I didn’t want to make this the typical post because I figured many could gain something from following her or even getting a glimpse of her perspective on things.. as always, it’s an honor to speak with Ms. Dean..

I’ve been aware of you for awhile but for the people who aren’t, introduce yourself…

For those who don’t know me my name is BOBBi DEAN. I’m a California based full-time model, who stands at 5′ 2″. Some of you may recognize me from internet based projects like music videos with some of your favorite artists and or YouTube videos. I’m a former beauty queen, and Miss Dominican Republic.

I’ve noticed you’re video blogs especially your Fourth of July blog especially. Is television or correspondent work a long term goal of yours?

I do have some hosting experience (which can be found online). Although it isn’t my biggest passion, I do enjoy it and wouldn’t mind doing it professionally on the future. In the meantime I just enjoy sharing my life and struggles with those who support me through my Vlogs.

I’ve also noticed your work with Playboy & Playboy Radio, how did that come about?

Being that I model, you hear about different castings. Since I was in high school I became fascinated with Playboy and told my mother about my interest in working with them. As soon as I was of age, I auditioned for them and have been working with them since. If you have Playboy TV, make sure to check out my big debut in their new show “The Naked Truth”.

You’re gorgeous with a naturally infectious personality, easy to like but what would you say is the biggest obstacle or difficulty to come your way via the industry?

My biggest obstacle in this industry was probably getting my foot in the door. Even when I look back at that, it wasn’t very difficult. I’ve been very blessed. Not only that, but I’ve been very persistent throughout my journey and I believe I’ve been blessed to have others recognize that and my hard work.

And finally What’s next or 1 big goal for the Bobbi Dean brand in the upcoming year and any advice for those following or aspire to be like?

As of now my next big project is “The BOBBi DEAN Project” I will be releasing two installments at the same time. I can reveal the full project, just know that it’s coming within the next month or two. Also, I am very happy to announce that I will be making a guest appearance on the new “Cee Lo Green’s The Goodie Mob” show that is now airing on TBS, so look out for me. Like I said previously, my debut with Playboy will be airing soon as well. For those who follow my career, or simply would like some advice is just say be persistent and positive. This industry can be hard at times and is only for the thick skinned. You must be patient and ready to work hard. If you think you’re going to be an overnight sensation, or are hoping for that just know there is no longevity where there wasn’t hard work.

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