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Been a while since I’ve provided Random Thoughts, Life, Work, Business, Living & Twitter Hindered that. However, I’m back. Enjoy.

If I don’t do it for you, can you do it yourself?

If you didn’t help me build my past or my current situation why do you feel entitled to benefit from it?

Not really sure why Drake thought he could sweet talk another man & blow in his ear whilst being light skin.

Breezy El DeBarge.. Not really sure what to think there, either.

One of the oddest things to witness is when you see someone envy or doubt your position. As if your position in the world is up for grabs. I’m me, you’re you. My place isn’t yours to have. You can only create a spot ahead of, parallel to or behind me. Don’t waste your time watching my moves, use your time to create some for yourself.

The mind of the passive and inadequate will always verbally challenge the thoughts of those who lead. They’ll never understand the method to your madness because they were never passionate enough to have a “madness”.. Continue to lead.

My grandma will have been gone for 7 yrs on August 7th. I’ve had some of my greatest triumphs since her death. Would’ve been impossible to accomplish all of this while she was here, but I really wish she was here to see this. Victories don’t even taste the same. I just win because she taught me how not to give up.

Always be aware of what’s in ya circle. You don’t necessarily have to cut em off, because you’re better off knowing where the snake is vs. Not knowing & getting struck out of nowhere. It’s also better to know, and manipulate their moves accordingly.

If anyone tells you it’s a bad thing to be manipulative, will probably never get anywhere of note, in life. Also, they could be just flat out bullshitting you.

The NFL Pre-Season is almost amongst us.. I just need a healthy Eagles team this season. It’s all I ask.

Loyal, not afraid to challenge conventional thought, and willing to work hard? Get at me.

The day I die (inshallah a far off date & time.) Let every person I’ve touched, everything I’ve created and every thing I’ve poured back into the world be my eulogy. Don’t speak for me, I’ll speak for myself.

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