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My grandma died 6 years ago today. I’d lie if I said I’ve recovered from that loss. I haven’t. I think about her often, shed a tear once in awhile and wish I could hear her say “I’m proud of you.” Just one more time. I’d take 20 years off my own life, just to hear that from her again. Nothing in this world meant more than that.

When you go from that to the current dating pool, it makes you come off as dismissive. No woman will ever be able to replace the greatness my grandma was. Not even my own mom. However, you know what genuine “I got your back” love feels like. Many of you fall short. You’re too worried about you. If I got me, and I got you, who has me? How long do you expect it to last?

Now for those of you who sided with Tasha, realize why men like Ghost, shit even myself, seek more. How we go about it, is however we go about it. The fundamental issue is being in a relationship/partnership and knowing it will all fall apart without you. Tasha did a piss poor job as his woman. Mentally she reminds me of some people…

Many of the joys in life is making your own discoveries. If you’re living according to the world, you’re not really living.

During Ramadan, my friends and I live modestly. Ex: my cleaning lady gets the month off etc. Muslimahs will prepare our meals if I don’t. We don’t go out to eat. However the most interesting thing I witnessed this year was my right hand man. One of the meanest dudes I know, doing his daughter hair and taking her to school. Might be minor to you, but if you knew the guy I knew.. You’d be like “wow”. We’ve really matured as men. Life is good
Best of Sade (Album on iTunes) for $5.99 is the best purchased I have mad in recent memory.

Wal-Mart should add ‘Personal Shoppers’ since we all shop online.. Let us buy our groceries online and pick them up. The American person is working longer hours, have shorter days. Picking up your groceries right after work would be clutch.

Hamas are indeed terrorist. Palestinians are not. Let’s say Hamas is holding Gaza hostage, you’re willing to kill all the hostages in order to get hostage takers. We can’t be so quick to defend Israel.

I received a text today: “I said a prayer for you and your grandma this morning. Hope you’re in good spirits.” Made my morning. Well now I am. Thank you.

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– PhillyTheBoss

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  1. jbfreeman says:

    I know exactly how you feel…my Mom died seven years ago and shortly thereafter I got divorced. My marriage was a farce, we should have divorced a couple of years before it did. What really pissed me off though, was that my ex was content to live in misery, not for the sake of love or even the kids, but because he had nothing better to do. I am happy and that is all that matters. Thanks for your thoughts.

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