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One of the biggest burdens of a thinker; is not being able to let go of thoughts, you think and think and think again. A lot of things in our society is reaching a point where it’s boiling, like hot milk over a high fire. At some point its going to spill over violently. Pay attention… Anyway, here’s my Random Thoughts Of A Boss

Real Love never dies. The Love you have for someone may change in form but to love is to submit a piece of yourself to someone in exchange for the piece they’ve submitted unto you. Moments are never forgotten and should be always cherished. Your most valuable asset is time. Don’t lie to yourself about your feelings. Did you love, Do you love?

Darren Wilson shouldn’t live. Under any circumstance. He should die the same way he killed. On his knees, begging for mercy that shall never be delivered. Anything less than that will be an injustice.

People often say “Voting doesn’t matter”… respectfully, those people are as delusional as people who vote along party lines. Here’s why your vote may not matter: because your vote is not reliable. It cant be counted upon. Politicians raise millions in order to go out to speak to particular groups and lobbies because they are organize they have particular agendas they’re pushing and they can deliver numbers in masses. Thus why meetings happens where deals are cut and the politician makes sure he secures said vote. Our vote has been diminished to “What handout can we give out to pacify a lil bit?” Bush cut checks of $300-$1k for the poor while taking a surplus into a deficit. We was so starved for the money we didn’t express mass outrage at the issues it would cause in our community. When the “Budget” got tight, guess whom were the first to suffer, yes, you.. with your $500 check. No one told you the money you would spend would also be the reason a library closed or a program got killed. Voting works. Voter education works even better. We need Grassroots organization with a focus on community specific needs. Setting our agenda. PUSHING our Agenda. When you say voting doesn’t work, where has not voting, not participating gotten you? At some point you should try something different right?

Another black man was handcuffed by police and mysteriously committed suicide. Hey Obama, you might want to speak to your police, not really anything you can say to our people anymore. It’s almost time to act, brother. You talked down to the victims, nothings changed. You know what’s next right? Just speaking the obvious.

Want to begin the healing process in our community? Stand up for the abuses against our women with the same vigor we have when it comes to the mistreatment and harassment from the police. The sooner we stand together, the sooner we build together. You can’t want justice too much if you’re so quick to tear down the very thing “justice” is supposed to protect.

Next week, starting Monday, SophisticatedIgnorance.net will do political profiles of candidates. To give you more information on candidates, so that you can make an informed decision on who to vote for. Monday will be Georgia’s Nathan Deal vs. Jason Carter.

Roger Goodell’s Press Conference was… Laughable.

I think about my good friend Victoria Muchiri often. Gone way too soon. Just one of those spirits you wish everyone could’ve encountered. Had the brightest future of anyone I’ve met in recent memory. People asked me “Are you OK” I’m as OK as I’ll ever be. I’ll never be O.K. You never lose a friend that great and be “OK”. She’s at peace now, that’s the only solace I have.

Those, are The Random Thoughts Of A Boss

– Philly

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