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This year is the 3rd annual SoPhiWeekend chill session and we decided to switch it up and move it from the beaches of Miami, to the City of Atlanta. I think for networking reasons, otherwise, I’m not too sure why. LOL. Anyway, if you’re in ATL for A3C or SoPhiWeekend, We’ll be around. If you ARE invited to the SoPhi Gathering, here’s the rules. NO ONE is above the rules, but me. :). Look forward to meeting—some of you.

1. No Pork shall be cooked in the SoPhiHouse. You wanna bring ya ham sammich from home? By all means.

2. If you see @_Peez_ dying (and I’m not trying to help him) that means I authorized his execution & you should let him die, as well.

3. If yeen put in on the crib, you’re limited to one night at the crib at most… And the next morning thou shalth be in the kitchen cooking breakfast.

4. If Thine’s girlfriend come to #SoPhiWeekend, don’t @ me, Haz, Peez, Mike or Hawk asking us has she forsaken thee. She’ll be fine and will be home at the end of the weekend.

5. The Holy brisket may make its return this year.. Don’t touch it, bitch. In fact, if no one knows you nor can vouch for your cooking, don’t cook anything. Don’t season anything, don’t even think about anything. Just breathe and exist.

6. Under no circumstance art thou allowed to be a pain in the ass. ATL has a ton of highly wooded areas to dump bodies. Process that information how you must.

7. If one’s maiden or damsel is beautiful, she belongs to SoPhi. If she’s “meh” she’s yours. And please, please take thines shit with you when you go.

8. We will be paint-balling during #SoPhiWeekend. Heads up, if you shoot at me on the paintball field, I will shoot at you outside of the paintball field. Same day.

9. Do not come freeloading. Bring Hennessy, hamburgers or Hoes… 1 of the 3 H’s shalt accompany thou.

And the 10th. Commandment, enjoy oneself.

So Far The Menu (Subject To Change):
Crab Boil
Honey Garlic Sriracha Wings
Baked Mac & Cheese
Jerk Snapper
Greens Or Cabbage with Smoked Turkey
Corn On The Cob

ATL… See You Soon!
(Note: We will be attending A3C events, sooo if you’re interested in tickets check out

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