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Sometimes you watch TV, read twitter, peep the people around you and come up with some discombobulated shit that only makes sense to you. Well, here’s my shit. It would be a waste if I didn’t share it. You’re also at work not doing shit, so why not read it?

When you get older you have many of the same desires as the younger you, the percentages/ prioritization of things just change. Example, you can manipulate someone into being the one because of looks. Aesthetically they’re what you want so your manipulate your mind to accept such, because of vanity. It’s easy to be turned on when someone looks the part. When you evolve or when they evolve and sexual desires are moreso attached to mental or emotional stimulation, this is where things can get “complicated”. People often allow themselves to get lost in the fog because of vanity or materialism OR there’s the person who uses those tool, to make up for the shortcomings elsewhere.

For instance, you can find someone beautiful or sexy but once you’ve conquered them it becomes “what else?” People need substantive incentives to stay invested for as long as you are looking for them to be. You want it to last forever, but do you offer a package worth long-term commitment to that person you’re seeking forever from? As harsh as that may sound. You don’t just cruise along assuming everything is cool. I for instance, have always been a very intellectually driven individual. Politics, finances, world affairs, history, stocks.. You name it, I can discuss it. Entrepreneurial concepts. I enjoy conversations that build. Imagine a woman with nothing to offer a guy like myself, but the physical? It won’t last long or if it somehow does he feels imprisoned and underwhelmed. Iron sharpens iron as they say, certain types need a certain type to feel fulfilled. People often fall in love with “great people” but that great person isn’t necessarily “great” for them.

We as humans have this additional concept of our type. Which can backfire when it comes to relationships because what we want isn’t necessarily what will properly nourish our soul. So we end up in naturally unhealthy situations because we are forcing marriages of spirits that shouldn’t be married. Love types are like blood types. There’s a certain type of spirit that ones own spirit, won’t reject. Can people become what you need them to be? Sure. There’s always the right person, wrong time. People won’t always see in themselves what you see in them. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with falling in love with someone’s potential as long as they recognize and is working towards it. It can’t be stagnant potential. It has to be potential in motion. Otherwise, what will end up happening is burden carrying. You will be working towards a goal that your mate has yet to acknowledge. I like to spend my time on this earth wisely. You never know when your time is up. To waste your most precious asset on a dead end project is so unfulfilling.

Giving someone your efforts and time is much like the stock market, you have to know when to buy in, you also need to know when to bail. Love isn’t this thing you should fear. Wanting to love & knowing how to love goes hand in hand. Most of the time your heart wasn’t broken because you loved. Your feel pain because you didn’t know when to stop investing. You stopped assessing. This doesn’t mean “bail” on every situation when the going gets tough. Often times you will need to roll up your sleeves and work harder. However you should be very cognizant of when a situation is toxic or isn’t the match for you.

You should sit down in silence one day and write down the desires of your heart. Not the desires of your mind, but those of your heart & spirit. Get to know you. What makes you happy and align yourself with people accordingly. Friends, family, colleagues, business partners and life partners. Understand the circle you need for yourself and actively begin to build that. No one in life is “grandfathered in.” Gaining control of your life is first about gaining peace. Finding peace allows you the mental space to add or subtract whatever you feel is necessary to progress.

The person closest to you is your mate. They can be your biggest asset or biggest enemy. One who makes you better trumps all things. Personal Relationships control mental, emotional and even physical health. It’s imperative that you begin to take your relationships serious. Also keep in mind, You’re asking someone to dedicate the rest of their time to you. Once you get it, what exactly are you going to do with it?

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