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Amber Rose.  I would love for someone to explain and articulate, why Amber Rose, post-divorce, is now a “hoe” for the same reasons that no one ever called her a “hoe” before. Amber was a stripper when Kanye met her, that’s nothing she ever denied. Amber dressed provocatively when she was with Kanye. Amber became an urban model after her and Kanye broke up. Now my memory could be failing me, but I do not recall any staple relationships between her and any other  male celebrities between Kanye and Wiz. So she got with Wiz, she still was an urban model, still dressed provocatively, still was an ex-stripper, dropped a twerking Instagram video one day before her wedding, had a baby, dropped 2 more twerking vids mid marriage, and despite ALL of that, people said Wiz had won. The social media community was Team Wiz and Amber. Twitter was sure that Kanye was weeping internally at this huge “loss” he had taken. So what is ridiculous to me about this, is the inconsistency people have when they deem someone a hoe. If by your standards Amber is a hoe now, then she was always a hoe. A married one at that. But to call her a hoe because NOW shes divorced and a mother, that just makes me feel, you’re saying her value is validated by her marriage. It’s ok to twerk on IG as long as your husband is cool with it, but once you get divorced you need to act more pure and holy? What sense does that make. And why haven’t I seen anyone call Wiz a hoe for cheating on his wife ?  Hoe or Not, at least it can be said that Amber stays true to who she is. If her being a hoe made Wiz not want to be with her anymore, then who was the idiot? She hasn’t done anything different from what she’s been doing.

Exclusive... Beyonce, Jay-Z & Blue Ivy Visit The Picasso Museum



Blue Ivy. I’m so tired of seeing remarks about this child’s hair and looks. She’s such a blessed child. She was born into this world with two talented, rich, Black, famous, great parents and on that same token , is the very reason she’s expected to be greater than the Dalai damn Lama at  age 2 or 3. Its bothersome to me that adults are hung on a toddlers attractiveness. I feel  that social media has distorted people’s expectations and made them unrealistic. Beyoncé is a beautiful woman, but what makes her beautiful to me is that she’s just slightly above normal or regular in attractiveness, she can dress down with the clean face, or slay the gods when snatched and beat. Jay-Z is….a man. So it’s not that Blue Ivy is “ugly”, it’s that people had high expectations for an unborn baby’s looks.  Because there is always something better to be compared to, regular has now turned into “ugly” and “trash”. Blue Ivy is a precious, normal, regular looking child. She didn’t ask to come into this world. She had no decision in who her parents would be and how she would turn out. Why are we placing pressure on kids to be attractive in the first place?



Ebola. I think the most ridiculous thing about this “outbreak” frenzy is the comparison of it to other diseases. The picture below made me laugh because, albeit riddled in some truth, it’s still quite ridiculous to compare Ebola, an infectious disease, that you have like -0% chances of catching, to diabetes and obesity. I’m no scientist or doctor, but fucking relax people. I  hate how American media conditions us to fear and hate Africa. They want you to believe that Africans are dropping dead like flies from Ebola every 3 seconds. Every “foreign” disease or deadly insect that makes it way into the U.S., seems to have traveled from Africa and bypassed every other continent to make it here. Ridiculous. So while its very relevant to be concerned with the diseases that actually do kill Americans at an alarming rate, it doesn’t invalidate or even correlate to Ebola. They don’t need to be brought up in the same breath.





If it means anything, at least they look happy, right?

ISIS. The most ridiculous comments I’ve seen about ISIS is that 1. Obama created it and 2. ISIS killings are supported by Islamic teachings. There’s not even a need to get deep and wordy about this because its simple. ISIS was formed approximately in the late 90’s to early 2000’s . Obama became president in 2009. Which means this state or group leader and its supporters were already established. So yes. Barack Obama created this radical ISIS state  from his home office in Chicago back in 99 because he’s a plugged thug. Another unknown fact is that Obama is a Muslim Gangster Disciple. *insert comedic riff* Politics vs. Religion. When the two become intertwined, the message behind the religion becomes muddied and tainted by those who practice said religion with their own agenda, and ulterior motives. Recently, there was a man who beheaded his coworker in the name of Jesus. So are we now afraid of all Christian religions? Despite the message of the Bible and “You Must Not Murder” being one of the 10 commandments, do we now view Christianity as a violent religion? I ask these questions to make a point that, whether Islamic practice-rs  have been responsible for terrorism and political egregious crimes, we must not defame an entire religion for the acts of  ‘false prophets’. After 9/11, the hijab and turban became the new “sagging jeans and fitted cap” making Muslims the new “niggers” of the U.S., because the media told us this happened in the name of Allah. Muslims were ostracized and vilified here in America and still are, because of these misconceptions.   Just stop and think about how ridiculous it is to judge the religion, despite of its truths and teachings, and not the people who wrongly practice said religion in an unorthodox manner to fulfill an agenda.


Lastly, I absolutely love Internet Sensations. They die quickly, but they add so much unity to everyday life. I heard a lady in the post office this morning say, ” Momma I Love Ya, Hold It Dine” while talking on the phone, and I smiled so hard. We even shared a chuckle. It’s the little things.






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