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Streamlining and Revamping a few categories on #SoPhi, going into it’s 3rd year. This is the first post in my “When 140 Isn’t enough” series. Certain topics you can’t properly discuss in the forum that is twitter, without being misunderstood, because… people only read or choose to debate a particular 140 characters that they see. If you have a “When 140 isn’t Enough” topic to get off your chest, feel free to send it to me.

Today, this is respectfully challenging Hip Hop Legend Q-Tip’s take on those of us whom don’t really care for anything Migos and his one particularly troubling tweet that started comparing them to legends of his time. Take a gander at the tweets, below.

The first tweet is cool, funny. We all joke about Migos. Good or bad, It’s all in fun. Then, it all went left as fans who disagreed were labeled haters and the third tweet was the icing on the damn cake. Let me start by giving the disclaimer: I, Philly The Boss, am not a Migos fan. Their music isn’t for me. I am a fan of our people making it out of the hood and being successful. I can salute you on one without needing to align myself with something that doesn’t fit the standards of my particular set of ears.

Ugk were the Underground Kings. They paved the way along with quite a few artists in the south on how to make money musically while not really being accepted by the north. They are pioneers of the Texas sound. Geto Boyz includes arguable one of the top 5-10 rappers of all time in Scarface. Migos can not and will not do either. That’s perfectly fine. Now let’s move on to Luke. Luke, like Migos can be seen as a novelty act. HOWEVER, Luke also pioneered his sound. Luke also gave artists legal standing to not be censored. Luke fought the law and won. To be honest, even to this day if his music comes on you might find a 40 year old woman shaking her ass for a good 5 seconds, reliving her college years. I can’t say Migos has made a timeless record. Migos nor any of these new acts fueled by hype, should be compared to those who impacted the culture in ways that moved it forward. Every act Q-Tip mentioned impacted the culture in ways that paid dividends. Migos legacy is to be determined, however for now, we can all agree that they have yet to make any noticeable change nor are they different. They are the latest trend with the ability to be more, possibly. Nothing more, nothing less.

People spend too many years building their brands and name, to be out here using their co-sign so liberally. You can like something, without making a a comparison that will call into question things. I like listening to Waka sometimes, it speaks to my inner hood nigga. I’m not going to jump off a bridge and say “Waka is like, DMX.” People can’t respect the culture, if you don’t respect the culture. We’ve made it too easy for people. Dudes aren’t paying their dues how legends such as Q-Tip had to. Trinidad James got signed off 1 song. AND DROPPED. Bobby Shmurda got hot off a Vine clip. Everything is easier. Doesn’t mean obtaining a co-sign should be. Let them understand the need for hard work. If the labels who control the industry is doing it a disservice in how they carry-on, I would kind of appreciate if the forefathers weren’t so quick to jump over the cliff for every novelty act who may not matter in a year or two. Exclusivity maintain and/or adds value. Keep your co-signs close.

Now this, Q-Tip… I can agree with

When 140 isn’t Enough…

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