‘5 Philly Artists To Watch For In 2015’ And In At #1, Kur | @KurNGB | #SoPhi

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Kur (@KurNGB)
Hands down the hottest artists in the streets of Philly, at the moment. The young gunner tell poetic tales of everyday struggle. Early on I compared him to Sigel, not because they rap alike, but their paths to glory. I don’t think Kur needs to rely on “Club Bangers” to be loved or supported, he will respected due to his content and skill. Kur is a goldmine. The label that lands this kid will have struck gold. The only thing Kur is missing is awareness outside of the Tri-State area/a massive scale. However, he is, undoubtedly, the next big rapper out of Philly and no one has a bigger following among the youth of Philly. I’ll put him up against anyone from anywhere else. He’s that ready.

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