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Toronto has recently proven to be a hot bed of musical talent and Jae Ari helps further the notion.  I had first become familiar with Jae through a random thing I threw out to twitter. I can’t even recall what it was, but I thought “damn, this guy is nice.” Fast forward to maybe 2 years later and he drops this LP for the masses.

The first song is the title track and immediately you get the nostalgic yet quality presence of Jae’s rhyme style. Kyara does a hell of a job on the hook and it does the perfect job of setting the tone for the rest of the album. It’s not my favorite track, but quality nonetheless. The second record, Be Without You samples what may be Toronto’s favorite R&B star, the Late Aaliyah. This song is a very solid ode to the women who defense mechanisms conflict with their needs and wants in companionship. I really dig this record. More often than not an unsigned artists will give you music that mimics what’s already out and 2 songs in, you realize Jae is very aware of who he is musically

I Got It and Super Sophisticated are a couple of those hit or miss records as far as “will this be liked?” However, they serve their place in breaking of what can be an overly monotonous style. Produced by BurdxKeyz, While I appreciate these records I know they will be hang ups for some

Talking To Myself, New Day & Something New bolsters this project, all quality records and well produced. Jae Ari is very much the craftsman when creating his music. No gimmicks, all straight, no chaser.

1987 which features Victoria Ventrici is my favorite record on this album. It has so much replay value. One of those records you hear on the first day of summer and realize  the season of warm weather, cruising around town with the windows down waving to all your homies while kids jump rope and shoot hoops is upon you. This record is amazing. It evokes mood, a vision, happiness. Pleasing to the ear. This is the record that let’s you know “This kid has it.” immaculately put together, the beat, the hook, the bars, the delivery, the scratch by DJ Grouch and even the mix.

We Good allows the album to end on a high note, which is also a flaw of many up & coming artists. They open up a project swinging and by the time you get to the end of the project, you’re drained. Not with the appropriately titled ‘Leave Even Better’ LP. While most of us are weary of most projects from unsigned artists, and rightfully so, more often than not, you Leave Even Better, than you started, with this project.


Overall Rating: B

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