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Multiple women
If you have a limited budget, stop reading here. You actually should settle down and cut the shit. If she leave who’s going to go half on the rent with you? NOBODY!! However if you have a few coins and a few women to match, let me HYPOTHETICALLY, Help you.

1. Women Love the Spa – Nothing is better than being pampered to them. However make this exclusive. Most men don’t get put in the dog house for cheating alone, its because you treating your sides the same way you treat your main. Establish it now, Spa day is only for the woman who rubs ya head(s) when you’re not feeling like yourself.

Valentines Day, if you have extra cash get your main lady a driver, that way YOU KNOW where she is at all times. He’s to adhere to your directions, not hers because YOU planned it out. If you must, cop her girlfriend a lil package. Not the same but just enough to get her to keep your girl company and be at the same place with her. However, make your girl’s package extensive as shit. Hours long. 4-6 hours should do. The same time your lady will be away, schedule some “business” emails to be sent. Ones you likely wrote up a week prior that have some length to them. You will need this, trust me.

2. While ya girl is getting pulverized cocoa beans rubbed into her pores. Head to a lil florist, cop a dozen tulips or an orchid or something, and mosey over to the side chick house. UPON ARRIVAL get knee deep in the pussy. Why? Because by the time your lady is done later your going to need the energy and buildup to properly tend to her. Giving her some “Round 2” or “Round 3” sex when she was never a part of Round 1 will be a dead giveaway and could quite possibly ruin all of quality hard work you put in for this beloved day. Therefore, go ahead, get that nut off early, take her to lunch on the opposite side of town of where your lady along with her driver is. Make it fake romantic by choosing maybe a lil’ bistro or mom & pop Italian eatery. Women tend to lean towards commercialization on the holidays so going to The Capital Grille or something of the sort is you begging to be caught by ya main ladies co-workers or 3rd cousin. Think low key – tell shorty some shit about how its your favorite spot you come to and they have your favorite (insert whatever) dish.

Drop the side back off home, not before you get some head and tell her “I’ll be back later, wear something sexy.” Now she’s home waiting for you to arrive. Keep in mind: she’s the side, it’s Valentines Day.. that promise isn’t supposed to be kept.

3. At This point at least 3 hours have passed and ya girl’s rub down is almost complete. Don’t get greedy and try to go fuck your prospect. She know she’s the prospect, she’ll see you tomorrow. No worries. She’s waiting in line for a reason. Go home, wash the side chicks juices off of you, confirm your reservations for dinner, order tix to the theater and respond to the responses of your emails. What did you just do? Create a paper trail. If there’s one thing we’ve learned fellas.. That when a woman is scorn, she gets to talking, truth or not. “While you was at the Spa, ya man was nuttin in me on Valentines.” Easy to combat that, a paper trail. How are you working, going to lunch, and fucking another woman all at once? You’re response? “She’s just bitter baby and lying, I have proof.”

So once you make sure that paper trail is in complete and in place, enjoy the rest of the day my man. After the evening is done, your lady will want to reward you for being “The Best Boyfriend in the World!” And who are you to prove her wrong?

That’s all for today fellas. I would post more but as you know they’re watching us. Ha!

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