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If Words and Actions Stepped On A Scale …


We all know the old cliché that actions speak louder than words, but that doesn’t seem to be accurate when it comes to the hearts of women. The other day, I asked my female followers if they could have men be 100% honest and candid about one thing, what would it be? The majority of the responses were along the lines of men being open about their intentions. While being honest with the person that you’re dealing with should always be a priority, a person’s intentions can too complex to verbalize.

Personally, I do not believe that you should go into dating with a plan, or itinerary that leads to your happiness. Fusing two different people into one dynamic of cohesion is almost an impossible task in itself, so why would you add extra pressure to it? Why would the foundation of your security lie within a few choreographed sentences? More times than not, if you feel compelled to ask questions regarding your connection, you don’t have one and you’re just searching for a few enabling words that will give you the fuel to wait for the “potential” to materialize. Roll your eyes if you want, but think about how much time you have wasted in the past by ignoring reality and waiting idly for the potential to mature into greatness.

Most men are aware of the right things to say to provide comfort to the leading lady in their life. We even come up with nice little sayings to pacify our woman like “happy wife, happy life”. We’re naturally instinctive, so our demeanor and actions will paint the picture to give insight to our souls. Not some weak one liner used as an ego booster. I know the puddins read that line and rolled their eyes again, but us men are pretty simple to read. So simple that your real males friends (not the guy waiting to free themselves from the shackles of the friend zone) can provide insight regarding the guy you’ve been dating in a matter of minutes. The detailed and imaginative thoughts of the women can add complexities to a simple idea. Depending on where you are in the courtship, or dating, we may not know what intentions we have for you. That’s something that develops over time, or may not develop at all. For example, the inconsistencies from us men, comes from a place of being unsure of your value in our lives. If you want to get an idea of where a man stands with you, look for common themes within the consistencies that you do see. Do you vibe best when there is exchanges in nastiness? That means your value doesn’t exceed much further than shared orgasms. Simple huh?

From what it seems, a lot of women have their intentions set before they even have a man to express them to. So what are YOUR intentions really? Are you looking for someone that you can build a life of greatness with? Or are you looking for a placeholder within your fantasy? Are you in love? Or are you tired of being single? The line that separates the two is distinctive, but it would take a rare level of self awareness to know where you stand. Without that , how could you accurately convey your feelings to the person you’re interested in?

“If you would have made your intentions clear, I would have been able to decide whether i wanted to continue or not. You shouldn’t make that decision for me.”

The idea that there should be an open line of communication is on the surface, but it seems like its a line used to soften the blow of a failed relationship, or being a poor judge of character. If a verbal reinforcement, or lack there of, changes the landscape of your dynamic, what were you paying attention to when you spent time together? You should walk away from all relationships recognizing your own shortcomings instead of trying to create a way to be a victim of someone’s plan of malice. If you would have paid attention to their actions, you would have been aware of their exact intentions.

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