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It’s that time of year again… Yes Twitter Bracket season. Which usually divides the timeline into opposing factions. Someone on the twitter timeline once said “Philly Enjoys watching the world burn”. Which might be true because we have come to the apex of debates and I’m finding joy in orchestrating the chaos. What is the ultimate classic album?! I gathered up 5 other bloggers, 4 well established rappers and 5 athletes and asked them to compile a list of classic albums. When I first started the Twitter brackets it was so that people could discover the hidden gems that they may not have been following, as well as something that I thought people could use as a branding opportunity. This is about albums that are considered classics that many of you debate or overlook. Debates shall end soon or boil over into complete anarchy. Either way this should spur quality hip hop discussion.

Seedings in each region are not necessarily true to where the album ranks in that region, in some cases its purely matchup. ALSO… there can only be 16 albums in each region. THEREFORE SOME CLASSIC/GOOD ALBUMS GOT SNUBBED. Would they have won? NO. so we didn’t lose much sleep over their snub. Don’t debate me about what albums didn’t make it, I wanted Beanie Sigel on here and he isn’t so I’m as hurt as you are about whoever you want to debate ME over. The formula was over what albums reoccurred the most as well as some fine tuning on who should get acknowledged vs. who shouldn’t

You Can vote once per hour. Polls close at 9p EST. BUT you know how Polldaddy does. Either way where they get it right my assistants will snapshot all the polls at the 9p hour.

To see the actual bracket, Click Here: 2015 ‘The All-Time Classic Twitter Brackets





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2 Responses to ‘The All-Time Classic’ Twitter Brackets – POLLS ARE NOW OPEN | #SoPhi

  1. Some artists are really getting disrespected here lol

  2. nf says:

    I really do have respect for everyone’s opinion and i think categorizing the lists regionally is a fair way to represent the the population demographically. Having said that, and being an ‘ese’ and musician from socal, i won’t address the minor problems I have with other region’s lists.All I’ll say is.. ‘wtf? No dogg food? That’s why I can’t talk rap with most of y’all’.

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