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Often times as a man you overlook the little things that can bring you joy and pleasure. Experiences are great, but what are they without the proper things to add an assist. What’s a biscuit without butter or jelly? What’s Peaches without Herb? Who is Memphis Bleek without Jay Z? See where I’m going? I’m sure you’ll have a pretty decent summer, however, if you toss a few of these items in there, you’ll have a really good one. The weather is ready to break, are you prepared?

Cigar Humidor
As you become a more refined and distinguished fellow, you go from collecting women to collecting fine wines, cigars and the a-like. You can’t properly collect cigars without a good humidor. Even a $25 cigar is worth proper storage and love. Why not head over to Amazon.com, pick up one like the one pictured here and begin your levitation into the upper levels of gentleman.


hey you with the Hookah in your mouth, put it down you fuckin pansy. Nothing beats a good cigar. I’m not really a smoker, but I don’t mind cigars. Very interested in stepping my collection up and I came across these $500 per cigar, straight-out-of-Havana beauties. No, you don’t have to buy these, but why not sit outside, enjoy a sunset, a nice glass of brandy and enjoy a summer sunset with a nice cigar on occasion?

I’m a summer time squinter. Every year I say “I’ll get some shades, keep the sun out of my eyes.” Especially since I’m sensitive to the brightness, but alas.. I never get around to it. Don’t be me. Get yourself a nice pair of shades, these Persol sunglasses are a nice class act to add to your arsenal.

Take time out for yourself and go to the spa and get yourself a facial OR let your lady give you one, they do this type of thing all the time, therefore many of them are well equipped. A few of you ashy faced weirdos are like “NAH he’s buggin.. I’m not.” Ok, don’t. No skin off my back. However, women take notice to nice skin. The winter months and elements brutalized your skin and face. Why not get a facial and once that’s handled get yourself some beard cream from our good friends over at LaBellaBodyCare and make sure your beard is given the luxurious treatment it deserves.
Beard Cream

While all the peasants are out wearing fake Rolexes trying to keep up with the rap industry or whoever, get yourself a quality watch from a quality maker, like Rue De Rhone. This classy timepiece is $1200. Look good, stand out.

Smokers and Grills
You still have that grill from 5 years ago sitting out back? You purchased it for $19.99 and holding onto it as if it hasn’t died years ago. For starters, purchase grills and smokers with a good seal on them so that you can season them with woods or charcoal prior to using. The one out back is rusty and washed, your food is getting the grill lines and crisp without optimal flavoring. Upgrade yourself and the summer with a decent smoker and or grill. The Dyna-Glo smoker below is a decent smoker to jump start your life and retails from $160-$200. Cant go wrong and cant miss.
Dyna-Glo Smoker

Dyna-Glo Smoker2

Couple things you need to do this summer; Figure out your passport situation, get yourself some new luggage and take at least 1 mini vacation and take in a music festival. Music festivals have become all the rave. Fans are lining up by the hundreds of thousands to share in great audio experiences with like minds. I’ve been to many over the past few years and all of which were enjoyable. Whether its the Jazz fest or A3C in Atlanta, EssenceFest in New Orleans or Made In America in Philadelphia, get out more.


Essence-Music Festival

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