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You will not be liked, loved or respected by everyone. The best you can do is be the best someone you can be and surround yourself with people who assist and enhance that.

I always chuckle when people who have a cynical view of the world, try to transfer their personal filters onto my eyes. It’s the equivalent to Hyena’s trying to tell Mufasa how to run his kingdom. The difference is, Mufasa didn’t entertain the Hyena’s which allowed them to properly execute his demise. Play them close enough to see the hidden agenda’s and far away enough to guard yourself from assassination.

I look at the images of this mother slapping her son and it bothers me. No, not because the mother want to protect her son, but because of what it represents to the eyes of those beyond us. My grandma who I loved dearly may have done the same thing… without the parade. My grandmother has and would have saved my life for me. Once the media would have arrived she would’ve told them to get the fuck off her doorstep. My grandma used to tell me: “If you fuck up and I kick your ass and you call the police.. I might kick their ass too. No one is going to tell me what I can or cannot do to a young black man I love, when they’ll kill you if I don’t.” Is the mom wrong for whooping him? Depends on who u ask. I’m just not a fan of the media tour and white consumption. He’s not wrong for his frustrations and lashing out. She’s not wrong for wanting her baby to be alive. Yet, the media has made her mom of the year and spun this into her being anti-black frustration.

Black Oppression is big business. Our taxes and tax dollars go to the military and police. Excessive military gets passed on to our police and now we have military in our streets. Images of fed up black people fuel gun and ammo sales, and that’s just skimming the surface. We’ve invested into our own oppression. Not voluntarily of course but how deep this goes, it’s amazing.

Never listen to someone who say’s: “This is not the way.” They’ve found it easier to tell you what NOT to do vs. doing research and coming up with a comprehensive plan on what TO do. There’s is no ONE way to do anything. Execute every way you can until you get results.

Please check on me tonight. I’m an Eagles fan and The First Round Of The NFL Draft starts at 8p. Also, keep me in your prayers.

Never let the public dictate your moves. There’s nothing boss-like about it. The public will always be quick to judge and slow to think. Proving yourself to those types will get you caught up 10/10 times.

The black community has to regain the feeling of community. We have to feel accountable for one another again. Not just in times of distress, all the time. We can’t build a greater community without the foundation of community. Less competition, more cohesion, love and compassion.

Cops kill kids with bullets and cry about rocks. I don’t feel sorry for you. Too many Parents wont see their child again and you all refuse to hold your own accountable. End result? Clashes. Changing the culture will change the outcome. Don’t give me your fudged up numbers on “injuries” when we have an outrageous amount of unarmed, dead, BLACK civilians.

R.I.P. To My Uncle J.J. May Allah bless and have mercy on your soul.

Random Thoughts Of A Boss.

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