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I often get questions and clients who want me to market of push them. To be quite honest, I’m way too busy to be creating characters or undoing all of what someone may have created in error. Here’s some random thoughts that came to mind while I was driving.

Promotion Is More Than Placement

How do you plan to catch the eye of the people when you have yet to become one with? Rappers beg for blog placements for mediocre or trivial records they push. With no real comprehensive plan behind the record. It’s just a “I need it on all the blogs.”  People mostly click links because they have identified the individual. You yourself don’t even just click on random music all day. What the fuck are you expecting from the people? Who do you think you are, Beyonce? You think you can just release product and expect viewership and love because it’s everywhere? No, your name becomes spam-ish. Wonder why I don’t post much random music from random artists? We’ll because they don’t drive enough traffic to the site for the followers I might lose, by overwhelming them with trash. Create a market for yourself and proceed to give them places to seek your work. You wont even have to ask bloggers to post your music because they will see already see the benefit in it. I’m an author. Not one site can tell you I asked them to post my books. I sold and made them popular off my own muscle. I created my market, engaged with my audience and gave them a place to get more. Besides, you’re here reading this, aren’t you?

The Blueprint To Winning, Is: Not To Have A Blueprint

Most of the best marketing minds will tell you; that they’re not tied to any ideas. They see every project as a blank canvas and they come up with concepts based off that individual thing. For years I’ve been telling artists: “Drop the video before the song.”  Funny enough, DJ Khaled did it with his most recent single. Here’s why I said it. As an unsigned act, most aren’t dropping albums and your mixtapes are being put on Datpiff, not-for-profit. You want to create a summer smash and you feel you have, BUT you have to sell the people on your vision. PUT OUT THE VIDEO. People see the video, they can then go to iTunes and buy the music. If you properly execute the visual (which is a whole other issue) you can sell people on your product. Your video is your commercial. Singles and music videos help to promote and sell albums, when you’re only selling a single, what are you using to promote it? Think outside of the box, be innovative. Stop following the other sheep to slaughter. Self-Branding is enhanced when people can sense of get a glimpse of your genius. It creates curiosity and them wanting to know more, so they follow.

Evolution and Diversity Is Your Friend

One great Idea begets another. Being creative will ultimately put you on paths and in circumstances you didn’t initially consider, but just so happens to be profitable and prosperous for you. I started doing nightlife in Miami, no intentions on doing music. I started blogging thoughts, with no intentions on writing books. However, to go back to what I said previously, I’ve never committed to an Idea so much that I stifled growth. The world is filled with many possibilities and you’re just focused on one or two. I was recently offered to be a co-host on a radio show. Branding is one reason but because of the reaction my voice apparently gets and the way I project myself, my ideas and my ability to discuss a wide range of topics. Have I ever wanted to do radio? Hell no. Yet, just by moving and thinking you create lanes for yourself.


No matter what I do, I will always be “Philly The Boss” I wasn’t created by social media or a corporation. I molded myself into everything I am. You can’t control what people WANT to paint you as. You can control what you are. I was known as a street guy. I could have easily made every pic on my Instagram an image of guns, or me with 100 dudes from my old hood, videos of me portraying my past life. However, my Instagram is mostly pics of food I’ve cooked. To the point where people are now awaiting a cookbook from me. I’m not even a Chef. I’m just a guy. Living life, relating to the people, giving hope or advice where I can and gaining enough respect and admiration to sell the extras if they want more. There is no short cut. Self-Branding is a lifestyle. I can stand alone as Philly The Boss the brand. Brand yourself to be an asset, not a casualty.

Well there goes my random thoughts for this week. Hopefully they at least give someone a small spark. You couldn’t have expected me to give the entire game away for free. However, For consultation feel free to contact me: Philly@TheSoPhiLife.Com

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