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May God bless the families and souls lost in the Terrorist attack on Charleston South Carolina.

The Confederate flag going up at South Carolina’s state house was political just as it coming down is political. We don’t need to give credit to people for people doing what’s in THEIR best interest. You’re just reaping “benefits” from it indirectly. We’re not thirsty for respect, it’s mandated.

Keep your confederate flags on your trucks and homes, I don’t really care. Wear your KKK hoods in public if that’s what you are. However, a government building belongs to the government and in no way shape or form should it be projected that we live under Confederate rule. People raise flags to signify who occupies what. Daisy Duke isn’t your governor. Feel free to believe personally, that’s your right. It shouldn’t disrespect your neighbor or the land on which you live.

On another note, “Dope” is a really great movie.

As a young man, seeing legitimate success in dollar amounts you hear about, I thought “My wife has to sign a pre-nup”.  You see what happened to Mike Tyson and how women who didn’t help him do much, took a ton. As I’ve grown older, where I’m at now, It’s not about protecting myself from a woman taking half of what I’ve worked for all my life. It’s about protecting myself from a woman who wouldn’t invest enough into our partnership to not have earned that. I’m not suddenly against a pre-nup, but I will say I know what it’s like to be with a woman you wouldn’t dare ask to sign one. Find you one.

Money aint shit, really. It’s just a thing. It affords you opportunities to do things that you want. You have to already be happy to enjoy it. Money doesn’t make you happy, it adds to. Money can ruin a life as quick as it can add more to. A dollar isn’t something you worship. It’s a tool, you put it into motion to create or do whatever it is you want it to do.

Extreme heat is on the horizon. Look out for the homeless, the elderly and our children. We have no community if we refrain from acting as/moving as one.

If you’re a black man whom logs into twitter and one of the things that crosses your mind is: “What can I say to rile up black women or a group of black women?” You’re a sucka. Take your kids to the park, fill out a job application, make a payment plan with your bill collector about past due bills, but refrain from being a jackass.  The last thing a black man with real life things going on, thinks to do, is piss off black women.

I hope with the recent defense of a modern day white woman, black-facing her way through life, that we have awaken to the fact that many of our leaders are for sale. The terror that has happened in South Carolina has swallowed the Rachel Dolezal story whole. However, I feel it has come a time to find out what special interests influences black leadership. For years it has been rumored, reported and spoken on. YET i seen an unprecedented amount of collusion from black organizations, black media members both men and women try to gloss over or aid Rachel in transitioning as seamless as they could possibly make it. If I support and continue to invest my dollars into shoddy leadership who sell off our people, I’m just as guilty. What Rachel did was ridiculous, the rush to her side by Al Sharpton, Melissa Harris-Perry, The NAACP etc. was just TOO MUCH for me.

Being a follower isn’t a bad thing. You’re strong enough to know you’re not fit to lead the masses. Not being able to lead yourself is an issue, because you need to be able to make sound decisions in who you should stand next to or allow to lead.

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